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There are small and medium publishing houses which still are in two minds whether to join digital revolution or not. Some are sceptical about publishing magazines and newspapers on tablets and claim that it still is an expensive and painstaking job. However, the fact is that using such tools as PressPad magazine app development is really easy. Your magazine app can be available on mobile devices within odd 14 days.

Edit: If you are a web magazine publisher or a blogger you might be interested in learning about branded “News” apps from PressPad News. Otherwise please keep reading this article.

1. Time saver

presspad saves time

By using PressPad or other self mobile publishing tool, setting up the magazine app available in App Store takes less than 2 weeks. The only thing a publisher needs is the content in a PDF file. Simply upload it to PressPad panel and we take care of the rest. You don´t have to worry about encoding, design, or further edition of the app (bug-fixing or updating).

2. Self Mobile Publishing, a Money Saver

self mobile publishing saves moneyThe fact that the app is programmed by an external company, allows to cut the app production costs, such as employing additional workforce. Moreover, we all know that printing costs constitute the biggest part of a publishing budget. Hence, some publishing houses resign from printed versions of their magazines after starting on the mobile market.

3. Less work, more independence

After setting up an account on PressPad you will quickly realize that it is very easy to manage. Once your app is set up, uploading the following issues of your magazine will take, depending on your Internet connection, from a few seconds until one minute. You are the one to decide when to publish a new issue of your magazine. You have got the possibility of sending information about a new issue to your subscribers anytime you want. We recommend sending all the notifications in the evenings when most users switch their tablets on.

4. Global reach of your content

presspad reaches globeThe magazines available in App Store immediately gain global ground. Every day we observe that our customer´s publications are downloaded worldwide. No matter where your office is located you have got the chance to find readers all around the world.

5. Additional sales channel

App Store is an effective and successful sales and distribution platform. On May 16, 2013 we could observe a record-breaking number of 50 billion apps downloaded from App Store. Great marketing strategies Apple applies to its products, works for promotion your own applications too.

6. Closer bond between a publisher and a reader

Digital sale has got a great advantage facilitating communication between a customer and a seller. Using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram to build up a dialogue with your readers is essential. Moreover, PressPad allows for direct communication with your old subscribers via Notifications. You will find more on this tool here.

7. Easy sales monitoring

presspad makes readers analitics

The tool allowing you to publish your content on mobile devices by yourself also serves for constant observation of the readers´ behaviour, the number of the downloaded apps, particular issues´sale, as well as the days when your readers are most active. This knowledge may be helpful in your product development. You will find more on reports delivered to you by PressPad here.

8. Digital publishing is environmentally friendly

Printing is the most expensive part of magazine and newspaper publishing. Thanks to mobile publishing you can cut printing costs and avoid surplus. Additionally, it is now common knowledge that natural sources for paper production are scarce and that the threads connected with logging are serious. Opting for digital publishing you become eco-friendly.

9. Be the forerunner

Don´t wait until your competition starts gaining profits from having their magazine app first. And even if it already is so, remember you can have your magazine available in Apple Store within several days.

10. Small and medium publisher-friendly

presspad makes boundsIf you look carefully at the above, you will surely notice that self mobile publishing tool is a perfect solution for small and medium publishing houses. It is essential for them to act effectively and economically at the same time. It is them who need a user-friendly tool which will make their work easier and allow to develop their product. If you know what we are talking about, we are looking forward to collaborating with your magazine.

Self mobile publishing values

After all mobile publishing provides many values for magazine publishers such as new monetization opportunities, cost optimization and mobile distribution network:

New monetization opportunities:

  • In-app sales (buy on mobile, read on mobile)
  • Web store sales (buy on web, read on mobile)
  • Free access for the print subscribers (buy print, read anywhere)
  • Back issues sales (sell subscriptions with access to digital archives)

Mobile distribution network:

  • App stores presence (Apple, Google, Amazon)
  • Custom landing page under the PressPad domain
  • Facebook newsstand app

Marketing and PR

  • Publishers can talk to their readers (one click notifications on all mobile devices)
  • Integrated social media stream (Twitter and Facebook support)
  • Free access for the contest winners
  • Free access per location (iBeacons support)
  • Mailing campaigns for the subscribers

Cost optimization

  • Publisher can re-use existing content (PDF into the flippage digital replica)
  • Fastest time to market (new editions instantly available via magazine app)
  • Positive digital publishing ROI (no new hirings, no infrastructure investment, no risk)
  • PressPad supports your digital readers (1st line help desk)
  • A/B testing (eg. pre-publish the same edition with different covers to check which one works better)

If it sounds interesting for you or your fellows publishers contact us to learn more about mobile publishing and magazine app development. PressPad can become a mobile technology backbone for your magazine as well.