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There are some important tips how to write an appropriate and vivid app description for the App Store Optimization purpose. But ASO is not only about app description. In this guest post David Bell, CEO and founder of Gummicube provides 3 main factors that will help you create strong base for your magazine app marketing.

The App Store is the premier way that searchers discover new apps. However, achieving a high ranking in the app store requires a great deal of effort. ASO, or app store optimization, is the process of improving mobile app visibility in the Apple App Store.

Here are 3 of the main factors crucial to app marketing success:

1. Keywords

If you’ve utilized online marketing in the past, then you know how important keywords are to search engine optimization. The truth is that keywords are also an essential factor in app marketing. The leader in mobile app sales, Apple’s App Store limits keyword lists to 100 characters. As a result, app developers must do extensive research when selecting terms to target. In general, you should strive to focus on those keywords that can be used to build phrases with volume. Gummicube can help you identify the phrases most likely to generate qualified leads and optimize your app listing for success.

2. Categories

Understanding that many app store visitors shop without a specific product in mind, developers should also take care when selecting the proper categories for their apps. Before labeling your mobile app, scan through all the options listed in the store menu. You can also see what categories your closest competitors have selected and make your choice accordingly. In cases where your app could rightfully fit more than one category, choose the least competitive one to ensure higher search rankings for your product.

3. Download Numbers

Like Google, Apple uses its own algorithm to determine search rankings in its App Store. Along with keyword relevance and category, your app’s download numbers naturally have an effect on its ranking. In addition to total downloads, the App Store considers factors such as rate of downloads, and products that were downloaded more frequently in the last month may rank higher than those with more sales overall. To boost figures, you will of course want to ensure you have a quality product. While you can iterate the title tag to get the maximum benefits from ASO, it’s a good idea to keep the name of the app consistent so you can take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising from your many satisfied clients.

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