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Mobile Apps for Digital Magazine Publishers and AuthorsEasiest Self Publishing Platform for Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle Fire

Use your existing PDF files to have your mobile app done

Start from $99 per month for iPad and iPhone app including hosting, transfer and updates

— That's still cheaper than cost of your developer!


We play fair with You.
First we deliver your apps, then if accepted we ask for payment. No commitment, No risk for you.

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mobile apps for magazines on iPhone 6
digital magazine app on iPhone 6

— How to place an order?

It's easy to do and quick:

  1. Register your PressPad account »
  2. Upload your PDF
  3. Click order button
  4. Receive your apps (up to 14 days)
  5. Confirm and accept
  6. If accepted, proceed with payment

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Utilize digital publishing software from PressPad to make money on your content or scroll down to see what else we can do for you.

Beside mobile apps for magazines we can do a lot more, because mobile-world is our natural environment

We help magazine publishers increase value of their offer, and help creating a digital distribution network. Continuously delivering magazine apps since 2011.
Here's what we can do for your mobile app and your business location:

Single edition app

Single Edition

Brochure publishing has never been easier.

Single edition mobile apps distribute free or paid content. With social media integration it is a great solution for corporate publishing or conference materials distribution. Boutiques can spread their catalogues and engage customers with push notifications. Single Edition App is a perfect solution to leverage your mobile marketing. Pay once and get your branded app for life.

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WordPress to App

WordPress to mobile App

Easily connect your WordPress blog with your branded App Store app.

With this service we can create a mobile application that takes content from your website and present it in a beautiful way on mobile devices. The app will keep your readers up to date by automatically notifying them about new posts. You will also be able to send them direct messages through the app! Branded apps for your blog influence not only SEO but they improve the way how you communicate and convert readers into fans and customers.

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App Store

SEO for your app increase number of organic installs.

App Store Optimization is all about improving the visibility of your app on the App Store. The more often your app appears in search results, the more often it will be installed. Because of that, it ranks higher in App Store, which will result in more organic installs. This is a typical feedback loop that influence mobile apps installations rate.

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venue marketing

Marketing App

Turn your venue into the iBeacon driven Digital Reading Zone

Forget traditional paper magazines lying around in your lounge. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a shopping mall or the restaurant, PressPad Lounge enables a slick marriage of digital publishing with location marketing. People located within the range of your reading zone will be able to receive promotional coupons and read magazines on their mobile devices, for free.

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Magazine App Example

Native apps from PressPad

Let your content shine with native iOS and Android apps

No coding required. It is as easy as typing and takes 2 minutes to set up. Simply upload your magazine's PDF file onto your PressPad account. Then follow few configuration steps and order your mobile app. You'll be noticed by email once your app is ready to publish on App Store. If you don't like what you get, then no worries - you can walk away without any charge.

Mobile marketing help from experts from PressPad

Learn mobile marketing from experts at PressPad

We increase sales of hundreds of publishers worldwide, use our experience to your advantage. We share our knowledge with you on our digital publishing and marketing blog. Why we do this? Well, we believe that knowledge should be accessible free of charge and it is on client if he decide to use it himself or request a support from experts in PressPad.

PressPad is free for paid magazines

Easy to start and cost effective

We know you're really busy, so we designed PressPad with your comfort and time in mind. You can use your existing PDF files usually without any major design fixes. This way it is super efective to have all back issues (past issues) published on App Store. With PressPad your time to market is very short and your digital publishing ROI is positive.

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