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Do you know that PressPad is running an affiliate program thanks to which you can generate passive income by recommending our digital publishing platform? We split profit 50/50 with our business partners – If you wish to see how easy it is to become PressPad’s business partner and start earning, read the further part of this article.

Through Partnership Center we wish to help your fellow publishers make it big on mobile by publishing their magazines, comics and even industry catalogues in App Store and Google Play as a native mobile app.

PressPad will build Newsstand application without expensive software development and will help to create digital distribution channels. We are the only option for all those companies and individuals who wish to try digital/mobile publishing and quickly, within ten-odd days, put a new title into circulation in Apple’s and Google’s mobile stores. All without costly investments from your site.

Case Study

Our business partner from South Africa did not possess any previous experience in the area of digital publishing but showed, however, considerable perceptivity by realizing the potential placed on the local market. The magazines that he wins are local titles, mainly concerning his passion which is hunting.

The readers of the content published come mostly from South Africa, the US, the UK and … Sweden, which is the perfect example how local content can successfully penetrate the global markets. Furthermore, it constitutes the confirmation of the thesis that digital magazines are the glocal carriers of the content.

  • The name of the project: PressPad South Africa
  • Date of registration in PressPad registration program: January 2013
  • The number of magazines gained: 5
  • The example of the magazine: Africas Bow Hunters Magazine
  • On average each magazine generates $100 in monthly recurring revenue that goes 100% to our partner

Our Affiliate from Pretoria, South Africa continues to gain new titles, and the value of his monthly recurring earnings’ forecast is still increasing, with each magazine gained.

Key Takeaway

If you are not active in the area of publishing, but you wish to create your own, passive source of revenue, it is possible in PressPad Partnership Program. It is worth beginning the search for potential publishers in the circle of your friends with whom you share passions. Then it is recommended to explore theme groups on LinkedIn, which are not connected with the publishing industry, and groups of interests on Facebook.

The significant value is the fact that the magazine’s publisher does not bear any additional expenses relating to mobile publishing. Making the PDF file available which contains the magazine is all you need to do.

Digital publishing flow

1. How does PressPad Partnership Program work?

In order to sign in for PressPad Partnership Program you do not have to run your own company. You do not need to possess knowledge concerning publishing or the design of mobile applications either. All you need to do is fill in the registration form and wait for the successful verification.

Partners are offered an opportunity to sell PressPad’s mobile products:

  • Apple, Newsstand App (compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)
  • Google Play, Android App

Both applications are dedicated to publishers of magazines, journals or comics, who wish to publish their titles in the form of mobile applications.

After uploading the PDF file with its Client’s magazine, PressPad begins the production of mobile applications. In Google Play store the application appears every five work days, whereas in Apple App Store the magazine is there after about 14 days – which results from Apple’s verification process.

From that moment the users might download applications and buy access to the issues as part of either a single purchase or yearly subscription.

2. How much can I earn as PressPad’s business partner?

PressPad prides itself in a unique business model, which is very publisher-friendly, and simultaneously, it will help you to gain new publishers even more efficiently, since our applications are free of charge for them. In short, we do not set a stiff monthly fee, we collect up to $299 monthly from the amount earned by a given magazine/application. 50% of this amount is the profit for our business partner, that means you![Edit: We don’t offer free pricing plans since 2015]

Certainly, the magazine can earn less in a given month. In such case we still share with our partner (you) using 50/50 model, and the publisher does not have to make up for the difference.

Example 1

In January magazine “X” earned $550. Apple and Google send us the amount after a month, so at the beginning of March. In March we pay to the publisher $251 which were earned, and the amount of $149.5 is transferred by us to your PayPal account. The remaining $149.5 stays in PressPad.

Example 2

In April the magazine “Y” earned $50. Apple and Google sends us the amount at the beginning of June. Therefore, in June you will receive $25 as our partner, whereas we keep the remaining $25. In this case the Publisher has not reached the sales’ level which guarantees profit, but he does not have to pay extra either.

Shortly speaking, you grow when our publishers grow. And it matters to us that publishers sell as many issues as possible. For this reason we help our magazines sell more digital issues through mobile devices.

Key takeaway

The maximum monthly amount of profits for a PressPad business partner from one magazine is $149.5/month. If we publish 4 magazines that sell well you can earn even $598 a month. If you gain only one magazine a month, after a year your monthly income may be $1794 – without any initial contributions or additional activities!

3. How to join PressPad Partnership Program?

In order to join PressPad Partnership Program successful verification is all you need to come through, by using this registration form.

That you have been accepted for the Partnership Program you will be notified via email within 24 hours. From that moment you can officially start taking actions as our Partner.

Technically, you are a publisher for us so we do not have to sign any agreement (accepting Terms of Service on our website is enough). Still, most of the participants of our program signs a partnership agreement, whose draft we shall send you via email.

4. Which model do the participants of PressPad Partnership Program operate in?

PressPad does not impose any way in which our partners should provide services to their clients. However, we distinguish two operating models that work out:

Simple recommendations

If you recommend PressPad’s products to your fellow publisher, who will open his/her account in PressPad, remember to give us the name of the magazine which was gained thanks to your recommendation. Then we will be able to calculate correctly your monthly income.

Action on behalf of the publisher

Definitely, a more popular method of action used by our business partners is providing the service of mobile publishing on behalf of their publishers. In this model our business partner registers himself/herself the magazine in PressPad, by using his/her email address + the name of the magazine (e.g. if the partner registered in the partnership program by the means of address, then each magazine gained should be registered in the form of Thanks to this you will be able to switch between your magazines in a simple way from the level of your PressPad panel).

Key takeaway

Publish each magazine that you gain on a new PressPad account. You can register the account in a standard way, via registration site.

5. Who is PressPad targeted at?

We do not limit our business partners in any way. Certainly gaining magazine’s publishers is easier for insiders who are active in this particular area. Those are companies from the field of DTP, other suppliers, but also magazine’s publishers themselves.

However, digital publishing is not only magazines, but also comics, or even marketing materials in the form of periodically updated folders and catalogues.

Our partners are small and medium publishers, authors, individuals connected with the area of digital marketing, entrepreneurs from various industries (tourism, hotel management, sports, music, etc.).

Currently they are mainly located in the following regions:

  • North America
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Asia

If you wish to become our partner, feel welcome to join us. The potential is huge, and thanks to diversification of theme niches our partners who come from the same region do not interfere with each other.

Sign in for PressPad partnership program and start building your passive income thanks to increasing popularity of digital publishing, driven by mass availability of mobile devices.