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Magazine publishers must find a new way of efficient magazine delivery to win the attention and curiosity of their readers.

Content is a “plague” in our century because in the online world, everything we do is content. Digital traces we leave – likes, comments, check-ins – it’s all content. This enormous “noise” makes publishers’ life harder, like never before. PressPad challenged this problem, how to provide professional content creators with an efficient tool for improving reach among mobile users. Read more to learn all about online magazine delivery.

A mobile apps platform opens opportunities for building a custom digital distribution channel for magazines, guides and brochures, catalogues or even corporate communication. Our digital magazine delivery platform is capable of increasing the value of print magazine subscription offer by allowing print subscribers to access mobile editions as well. After all, a free to install app is temptation.

MFM website

Digital Publishing Case Study

PressPad customer, an online mens fashion magazine, wanted to go mobile with a flip-page print replica app. The purpose of doing this was to create an additional revenue stream to further monetize content.

About Mens Fashion Magazine

Mens Fashion Magazine has been run since 2011 by a group of fashion enthusiasts. PressPad digital publishing technology has allowed them to focus on content creation and marketing, while our digital publishing platform allowed this publisher to achieve its sales and marketing goals.

Web Store - Buy on web, read on mobile

  • PressPad mobile magazine apps made the title available on tablets and smartphones through App Store and Google Play.
  • PressPad Web-Store, an easy to use sales widget, made it easy to sell digital editions on the publisher’s website for the further mobile reading experience.
  • PressPad Facebook Newsstand helps convert Facebook fans into subscribers.
  • PressPad Notifications push marketing messages onto the users’ mobile devices, even if the app isn’t running at that moment.
  • PressPad Publisher’s Web Panel makes it easy to manage all this digital circulation, upload back issues, and generate detailed sales reports.

PressPad services to MFM


  • Mens Fashion Magazine is one of the few magazine apps on Google Play with volume of installs between 10,000 – 50,000. The app scores high on Google Play with 127 ratings (including 58 five stars and 29 four stars ratings).
  • On App Store the magazine makes it big due to the fact that the same app is compatible with the three flagship Apple devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • The magazine publisher has decided to use PressPad Web-Store widget to place it on their website as an easy to install and no-maintaince method to drive mobile sales directly from their website.
  • The publisher benefits from having available all the past issues on the one platform because it builds credibility and drives subscription sales on mobile devices.

For the publishers whose content is being delivered in the form of a PDF file there are four main areas they can benefit from using own mobile apps.

1. New monetization opportunities

  • in-app sales (buy on mobile, read on mobile)
  • web store sales (buy on web, read on mobile)
  • free access for the print subscribers (buy print, read anywhere on mobile device)
  • back issues sales (sell subscriptions with access to digital archives)

2. Digital magazine delivery network

  • app stores presence (Apple, Google, Amazon)
  • custom landing page under the PressPad domain (SEO asset)
  • leverage SEO (higher on Google page rankings)
  • Facebook newsstand app in the tab (community building and Facebook users engagement)

3. Marketing and PR boost

  • communication channel with readers (Push Notifications — one click delivery from the panel to all mobile devices)
  • integrated social media stream (Twitter and Facebook support)
  • free access for the contest winners (promo-codes)
  • free access per location (iBeacons support)
  • mailing campaigns for the readers

4. Cost optimization towards positive ROI

  • re-use existing content (PDF into the flippage digital replica)
  • fastest time to market (new editions instantly available via magazine app)
  • positive digital publishing ROI (no new hirings, no infrastructure investment, no risk)
  • PressPad supports your digital readers (1st line help desk)
  • A/B testing (eg. pre-publish the same edition with different covers to check which one works best

Magazine Apps Customization

Except for core PDF based solutions for magazine publishers, various ranges of app customizations are possible. Thanks to cooperation between product design company Vorm and PressPad, we are capable of providing processes for building a sophisticated brand identity and designing not only app themes but genuinely new app layouts through the mobile publishing technology cluster we formed.

What’s more, extended implementations are possible, e.g. connecting the app with external advertising networks upon customer’s request and many more.

About Mobile Publishing Technology Cluster

Q: What is PressPad?

A: PressPad provides mobile technology for magazine publishers. We do all things mobile necessary to launch magazine mobile apps on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Our solution will help you create digital distribution networks, build relationships with readers, and optimize your digital publishing cost and CAC.

Q: What is VORM

A: VORM is a technology design and innovation consultancy firm specialised in designing experiences for intelligent objects connected to the network. They believe in less features and better functionality, seamlessly fusing stunning and simple objects and their interfaces.

Q: Do you offer a custom apps for publishers?

A: Yes. For the most demanding customers, PressPad and VORM provides a 100% custom mobile apps design and development service.

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