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“Talking New Media” has recently posted a very interesting article covering their behind-the-scenes experience of building their own iPad magazine application.

They definitely got to know what it would be like to build an app for publishing a magazine on iPad having none (or very little) experience with delivering for Apple App Store. But aren’t they a publisher rather than an app developer?

If you are planning to hire a freelance developer to code your own magazine app, hold on because there might be a more effective solution which really works.

First of all, TNM is a news, information and commentary website for the digital publishing industry which we love reading and we do respect their job a lot (hi, guys!), so if you are interested ina digital publishing, you should visit their website too.

TNM’s article “the story behind the app“ by Douglas Hebbard is a great case study showing that building a magazine app is not at all a trivial job. Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to download their genuine magazine on our iPads, and it looks like very few people have been able to do so. Moreover, their magazine is designed for iPad, while there is still a huge group of iPhone users.

In fact, Apple reported 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads sold in their Second Quarter Results Report , so the gap is huge and I do not see any reason why publishers might want to shy away from such a large group of potential readers.

Tip: Magazines published in App Store with PressPad are designed both for iPhone and iPad. Also they are available in Google Play Store as Android app.

App development is a very complex process with all the small things involved that make a difference. That’s why learning by doing can be very challenging and has nothing with cost optimization and fun. Building your own app is crazy expensive. PressPad helps publishers of various kinds to get their digital magazine or comic to the App Store in a very effective manner.

PressPad is affordable

We offer a flexible pricing plan for mobile magazine apps and surrounding services including free of charge updates several times per year, unlimited transfer and hosting for your back and future issues. You can always request for custom pricing, to do this simply contact us.

PressPad is easy to use

Presspad Backend

Well, it is. We have engaged all our experience in user interface design to shorten the entire publishing process to the minimum. A publisher can start with his/her magazine right away. Having the magazine published in App Store and Google Play Store, the publisher is able to manage all past issues base from an easy-to-use web panel. We do not charge for uploading past issues!

PressPad is fast

Digital Publishing

Because we keep more than 1% of Newsstand magazines, Apple recognize us as a major developer and review our magazine apps in batches. That allows us to have your magazine in the App Store usually within 10 days.

PressPad is scalable

We host your magazine in a scalable infrastructure delivered by Amazon Cloud and thanks to continuous improvements, we can support traffic of any size, and we do NOT require any additional transfer fee. The more transfer you have, the more sales you generate and we want to reward it.

PressPad is a cross-platform solution

Your magazine will be published in Apple App Store as a Newsstand application for iPhone and for iPad. Also, you will have your Android magazine app published on Google Play Store.

Fortunately, our publishers’ “stories behind the magazine app” are way shorter and happier, because having us involved in the development process allows them to focus on what they do the best – publishing amazing magazines.