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Passive income in the modern era of connected people and internet societies without boundaries has become a holy grail for many people.

Most of the passive income ideas we stumble upon on the various websites shout out bold claims yet deliver almost no real value. These are promises that can hardly be fulfilled, even for skilled digital marketers or consultants. After all, you need to create a value that your passive income will be based on.

This value creation process often requires at least a minimum time investment from an entrepreneur. So I am going to guide you step by step through PressPad partnership programme. Let’s begin.

What is Passive Income All About?

Many people seem to believe that passive income is effortless. They couldn’t be further from the truth; according to Wikipedia:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. The American Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, active income, passive income, and portfolio income.

So, here come the main characteristics of this kind of income:

  • receiving it on a regular basis
  • with a little effort required to maintain it

And “a little effort required to maintain it” is the key to understanding the passive income concept.

It’s like lighting a fire; firstly, you need to deliver a portion of energy to ignite the fire and secondly, it requires you to add some fuel to support the burning process.

PressPad is running a partnership program thanks to which you really can generate an additional stream of revenue, received on a regular basis. And, as it requires little effort to maintain it over time, it opens up a passive income opportunity by definition.

What is PressPad Partnership?

First and foremost, we make mobile apps for magazine publishers in PressPad.

Our digital publishing technology helps publishers to increase the value of their print and digital offers, and it helps to create a digital distribution network. We give our business partners the ability to best serve their current customers with our digital publishing mobile technology.

Our main products are:

  • Mobile kiosk-like / newsstand apps.
  • iBeacons enabled apps to deliver content for free in desired locations
  • Brochure apps
  • Facebook Newsstand apps
  • Management dashboard to have content, sales and communication with readers under control.
  • ASO service

Hint: We also support new media publishers with content marketing tool for WordPress websites »

The division is simple — you manage the content of your clients, locked in PDF files, we take care of all the technical issues and the development of the magazine apps (joining an affiliate program is also possible but only for WordPress News Apps — please ask us specifically about the details).

There are two main principles which form the foundation of this program.

  • Simplicity
  • up to 50/50 Split

Yes. We split the profit up to 50/50 with our business partners – If you wish to see how easy it is to become a PressPad business partner and start earning a “fairly” passive income, be sure to read further installments of this publication.

About PressPad – Company Presentation

What We’ll Give You?

A value proposition to your customers.

Through this Partnership offer we wish to help your customers make it big on mobile by publishing their magazines, comics and even industry catalogues and internal magazines in Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire as a native mobile apps. Our digital products become a value that your passive income will be built upon.

PressPad will create an iPad/iPhone mobile application and Android apps without expensive software development from your side. What’s more with our advice you will be able to create your own digital distribution channels or support your client with that knowledge.

We are the only option for all those companies and individuals who wish to go mobile and quickly, within ten-odd days, put a new title into circulation in Apple App Store, Google Play Store and even Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire. All without costly investments from your side.

Basic partnership offer includes:

  • Branded iOS magazine apps.
  • Android magazine apps.
  • PressPad Reading Lounge apps.
  • Access to PressPad agency web panel.
  • Unlimited publications support.
  • Hosting included.
  • Sales reports.
  • In-app transaction management.
  • Push notifications.
  • App dedicated publishers web-store (this allows to sell mobile magazines over the website).
  • Technical support for you.
  • 1st line support for the readers.
  • Profit split up to 50/50.
  • Fast go to market timing.
  • Simple and clear Cooperation Agreement.
  • Web based control panel.

Passive Income with PressPad

Is Passive Income with PressPad for me?

PressPad partnership program is a great fit for content agencies, publishing agencies, media houses, publishers and companies who work for publishers.

Simply if your current customers come from these industries you might be able to instantly benefit from our partnership program.

Also it can work great setting a steady passive income flow for digital marketers who use content marketing tactics for their clients and see going mobile as a good content strategy.


Example Implementation of PressPad Digital Publishing Technology

MFM Case Study, UK.

PressPad customer, an online mens fashion magazine, wanted to go mobile with a flip-page print replica app. The purpose of doing this was to optimize their magazine delivery tactic and create an additional revenue stream to further monetize content.

Mens Fashion Magazine has been run since 2011 by a group of fashion enthusiasts. PressPad digital publishing technology has allowed them to focus on content creation and marketing, while our digital publishing platform allowed this publisher to achieve its sales and marketing goals.

  • PressPad mobile apps made the title available on tablets and smartphones through App Store and Google Play.
  • PressPad Web-Store, an easy to use sales widget, made it easy to sell mobile content on the publisher’s website.
  • PressPad FB Newsstand app helps convert Facebook fans into subscribers.
  • PressPad Notifications push marketing messages onto the users’ mobile devices, even if the app isn’t running at that moment.
  • PressPad Publisher’s Web Panel makes it easy to manage all this digital circulation, upload back issues, and generate detailed sales reports.

How Does Partnership Work?

If you get access to your PressPad Agency panel, you can create first app by uploading the PDF file with your client’s magazine. Once you fill app ordering form, PressPad will begin the production of mobile applications.

In Google Play store the application appears every five working days, whereas in Apple App Store the app is there up to 14 days – which results from Apple’s verification process.

From that moment the users might download applications and buy access to the issues as part of either a single purchase or monthly/yearly subscription.

Answers and Examples

Q: How much can I earn as PressPad’s business partner?

A: It’s up to you. You can offer your service using our official online pricing or you can incorporate mobile apps from us into your genuine offer (e.g. including app marketing and ASO service).

Q: What’s the difference between digital publishing apps and PressPad Reading Lounge apps?

A: Reading Lounge apps allow access to the content in the specific location. User can not buy access to the content through that type of apps. Digital Magazine apps (even if iBeacons enabled) allow to monetize through in-app transactions.

Q: Do you have any tutorials from using PressPad panel?

A: Yes, this is a video tutorial for you.

Africa Bow Hunter

Partnership Case Study

The passive income story from South Africa

Our business partner from South Africa did not possess any previous experience in the area of digital publishing but showed, however, considerable perceptivity by realizing the potential placed on the local market. The magazines that he wins are local titles, mainly concerning his passion which is hunting.

The readers of the content published come mostly from South Africa, the US, the UK and … Sweden, which is the perfect example how local content can successfully penetrate the global markets. Furthermore, it constitutes the confirmation of the thesis that digital magazines are the glocal carriers of the content.

The name of the project: PressPad for Agency in South Africa
Date of registration in PressPad partnership: January 2013
The number of magazines: 6
The example of the magazine: Africas Bow Hunters Magazine.

On average each magazine generates $100 in monthly recurring revenue that goes 100% to our partner. Our business partner from Pretoria, South Africa continues to gain new titles, and the value of their monthly recurring earnings’ forecast is still increasing, with each new magazine.

Their only effort to maintain passive income to flow is to:

  • Upload new PDF editions of their publishers’ magazines
  • Find new clients to increase the revenue stream

Agency Model PressPad Panel

Agency Model of Service

Cooperation Agreement with PressPad

Our business partners are providing the service of mobile publishing on behalf of their publishers/clients. In this model our business partner registers himself/herself the magazine in PressPad panel, by using the title of publication.

If you have many of them you will be able to switch between your magazines in a simple way from the level of your PressPad panel. If the client of yours prefers to manage their mobile apps themselves it’s also possible but we have to know it in advance.

As our business partner we will sign a Cooperation Agreement which draft will be available for you upon request.

Become our Business Partner

If it all sounds like a good fit for you, you can send a business partnership request.

Just remember you may also want to become PressPad license holder and offer our technology under your own brand. If you are interested, just lest us know as well.