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Few days ago at Mobile Media Strategies 2012 in London Jasper Jackson from TheMediaBriefing did a short video interview with Immediate Media’s Rebekah Billingsley. What caught our attention is part about advice for publishers who just start in mobile publishing:

Rebekah Billingsley Quote:

My advice always gonna be: start really basic and try doing as many things as possible (…) start with quite basic PDFs.

This is precisely what we are trying to do with PressPad. We started as advanced HTML5 cross platform applications in native wrappers with custom layouts, etc. but then moved to simple PDFs because this is exactly where our clients start. We will surely re-interoduce HTML5 in the future but for now we want to be where most of publishers are and help them just start.

Rebekah Billingsley is Publishing Director at Immediate Media that has 35 titles on the Newsstand. Some of the are really interactive, but all started as simple PDF editions. See Rebekah’s thoughts on opportunities and challenges that mobile publishers face:

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