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Since we have changed our model of cooperation with magazines, we receive more orders for iPad applications than ever before. That is why we are going to devote one blog article to explain the whole process of ordering of iPad magazine: what happens at the backstage, what we are doing for the publishers, why and where is Apple engaged and what happens when an application with your magazine is ready in the App Store.

No more free apps.

In PressPad, every publisher who decides to cooperate with us, buys an Apple iOS Newsstand application.

EDIT: [April 21st, 2016]. Disclaimer! This information has expired. It’s been published in 2013. Since that time App Store has changed and so does PressPad. We do not offer free plans anymore, however PressPad mobile magazine apps remain affordable for publishers like you.

1. Ordering an iPad magazine with PressPad

To order an application, the publisher has to:

  1. Presspad RegistrationCreate a free account in PressPad system. The account is created via a web browser and it could be done by any person in the publishing house, since there is no special knowledge required and the only thing needed is an internet browser.
  2. Upload at least one magazine in PDF format and determine its price.
  3. Send the order – In the last stage, the publisher fills in the name of their magazine, its description, chooses the subscription price for the readers and sends the order to PressPad.

2. Preparation stage in PressPad

Presspad BackendWhen all information from the publisher is sent to us, we proceed to building their application for iPad and iPhone. We use a well-known and reliable template that we have developed over last 2 years, and that enables us to proceed to the next stage of the process after a couple of minutes.

In this stage, we can still contact the publisher in order to discuss some doubts, complete the description, etc..

The publisher can also upload more editions of their magazine into the panel. Uploading archive editions is a very good sales technique. There is no limit for the publishers as to the number of editions, so there is nothing that could prevent them from uploading all editions ever published into the panel.

3. Submitting the magazine into review in the App Store

App Store NewsstandWhen the application is ready, we submit it to Apple App Store. If the publisher did it on their own, they would need an Apple developer account ($99/year), some knowledge on the submission process, IT and much time.

Thanks to the cooperation with PressPad, the publisher does not have to worry about anything connected with Apple. We submit several dozens of magazines into App Store every week. It affects two things:

  • We know exactly which of the dead-ends are to be avoided and what to do in order to go through App Store review without hiccups
  • Since we submit so many applications to the store, Apple pays more attention to us and approves our applications more quickly. We still remember that the first application that we submitted was waiting for review for more than a month. Today, it takes a couple of days maximum!

An important remark: Apple does a technical review of the software, it does not revise the content of the magazine. The process is uniform for magazines, games, utilities, books, and any other software that is submitted to App Store.

4. The application is ready for sale

When Apple finishes the review, the magazine’s application becomes available in the App Store. Since it is us that are informed by Apple about that fact, we pass the information to the publisher.

The publisher gets a link to their application and a set of several pieces of advice that will help them to inform their readers about the new form of the magazine and to start with the sales.

From this moment, the application is available in App Store and the readers all over the world can download and buy single editions as well as subscriptions.

5. Monthly settling of accounts

Monthly Settling of AccountsAfter the 10th day of each month, sales reports are automatically generated in publisher’s panel. On that basis, we pay the publishers the money earned by their magazines.

In the new model of cooperation between publishers and PressPad, we keep the first 199 dollars earned by the application each month. Thanks to that fact, the publishers avoid payments for using PressPad and the payment process becomes much simpler.

6. Why we pay as much attention to the sales of the magazines as the publishers do?

Digital Publishing Funnel Trend-2Most importantly, if the magazine does not earn the 199 dollars in a particular month, PressPad does not require that the publisher to supplement the due amount. We do it for three reasons:

  • To simplify the payment process and be more transparent
  • We calculated that such model is rentable for us
  • And, this is a reason for us to have an additional motivating factor to increase the sales of our magazines.

Thanks to this simple operation, we care for good sales of each magazines as much as if it was our own application.. That is why we write this blog, share our knowledge about digital publishing and answer all questions of the publishers.

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