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It’s time to say what’s up with us. And there’s a lot going on. We’re evolving and we’re doing it for you.

Product updates

First of all, we have improved our software but it’s still our aim to make publishing on an iPad as simple as possible. Basically, we are pretty sure that there is no simpler way to place your magazine in the Newsstand section than by using our mobile publishing tool.

Android coming soon

Secondly, we are currently working on our Android app. Even though we are huge Apple fans we want your magazine to reach the biggest number of readers. We’ll inform you about the progress of the new app.

Team of strong!

Thirdly, our team has expanded. We are currently working as a group of nine positive, smart and hard-working people. We believe that mobile publishing is the future and that everyone should be offered the easiest way to publish their magazine in the AppStore.

Here’s a pretty picture. You knew it was coming.


TechWeek 2013

Fourthly, we’ve been qualified for the LAUNCH competition on a TechWeek conference in Chicago. We’re going to be there from 15th June till the end of the month. If you are in Chicago too, let us know. We’ll be very happy to meet you.

PressPad goes to TechWeek 2013

If Chicago is not in your plans and you have questions or doubts concerning publishing your magazine or you just want to say “hello”, we organize a webinar really soon about that. Let us know if there is anything that concerns you or interests you in the area of mobile marketing. We can then organize on-line workshops dedicated to those topics.

We’re hoping to see you or hear from you soon.

And hey! We have a toll free number now: +1 (888) 712-0331. Questions? Call us.