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Quite often editors of magazines ask themselves whether it would be more beneficial to publish their work via print publishing or quit it and focus on digital publishing only. While they are thinking of their options, they are often met with the dilemma as to which one is better.

Both options have their pros and their cons, but quite honestly, both of them can be quite beneficial for your magazine. It all pretty much depends on your company’s preference or your personal preference in how you would like to connect with your targeted audience.

Is the digital publishing a must?

No, but it is good to know the benefits and use the whole menu of advantages it offers.
Getting your magazine physically printed will guarantee that it has a very long shelf life. The only downside is that that “shelf life” may be inside a shelf in your living room or library. Digital publishing will mean that your book or magazine will be accessible by the public at any time in any place via the mobile device. This will mean that your work will always and easily find the eye of a mobile user who is searching for it or something similar to it.


There is no better feeling than seeing your magazine physically printed. Quite honestly, it is an experience that cannot be compared to. Though having your magazine online will mean that you have the chance to gain a lot more potential readers due to its easy Internet accessibility and the potential for viral marketing, or word of mouth campaigns. Yes, a physical magazine print feels great, but a digital magazine with many people sharing your work on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feels just as good.

Digital publishing tools also gives you the possibility to get to know the readers better. Editors can check which country there are living and when and how often they subscribe the magazine. And all those datas are collected in the real time. See what reports and stats of magazine app are provided by PressPad.

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However there is no point to quit your print editions of magazines if you like to see your work printed. There is a lot of readers who love to feel the paper, smell it and collect the issues.

Mix it up.

If you’re still sceptic to digital publishing revolution find a way to try on both print and tablet publishing. There are many different magazine publishers out there that are releasing work in both mediums, and it is proving to be successful business models out there for editors. Some of these agents and authors are finding ways to find a happy mix between the two and it is really beginning to pay off. By focusing on both, they are not only finding a way to connect with hip, new readers that can pass their information along the Internet, but they are also maintaining their tradition of printed magazines.
The key here is finding ways to use both methods to your advantage. If you can do this, then you will be well on your way to publishing success.