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Today we start a series of short presentations of magazines available for iPad thanks to the PressPad self mobile publishing tool. Those apps look great and reading them gives a lot of pleasure. Thats why we decided to present them a little bit.

Cliché magazine is devoted to fashion, lifestyle and ways of spending your free time. It is always full of unique photos and exquisite articles on music and culture. This is how the editorial staff describes the magazine:

A magazine created for an elite group of people who are passionate about experiencing their ideal lifestyle. Cliché is not a pretentious magazine that purely aims at illustrating pictures of celebrities, but a way of managing your love for fashion, entertainment, culture, and most importantly the way you live. Cliché integrates all of these fields into a magazine release that allows you to understand and appreciate the finest things that surround you.


It enjoys excellent feedback from its readers. Here is one of them:
cliche magazine app made by presspad review

The editorial office is based in Las Vegas, USA. The USA is also the source of most of the subscribers. However, thanks to mobile publishing it is also downloaded to tablets of users from Japan, France, Australia and Canada.
Application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Check out the video presenting Cliché Magazine on iPad.