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Bringing digital publishing platform in Singapore is an ambitious project of PressPad and partner company Rising Sun Media & Marketing.

Singapore is unique. It’s dynamic market with many magazines being published over there. Avid shoppers are willing not only reading on mobile, but most of all, have fun-shopping.

This is very challenging location for magazine publishers. Singapore has four official languages with English being one of them. What’s more English is a native language to 32% of the 5.5 million population of Singapore and Mandarin Chinese to half of them.

Digital publishing in Singapore

PressPad Sp. z o.o. has signed a partnership agreement with Rising Sun Media & Marketing Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based marketing agency which will become a strategic partner, providing digital publishing platform and location based marketing services under the PressPad Singapore brand.

Rising Sun Media & Marketing is one of the fastest growing full-service Internet marketing agencies in Singapore. They started operations in 2012, with their focus on e-commerce website creation, online advertising, and marketing of management accounting and POS software. Their clients are learning centers, beauty salons and beauty products distributors.

“We specialize in providing results driven integrated online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses”, says their director, Audre Liu.

“Our vision is to become the leading provider of integrated online marketing solutions for medium-sized businesses. PressPad’s mobile publishing technology allows us to offer innovative IOT digital publishing products for magazine publishers and retailers in the Singapore market” continues Ms. Liu.

Digital publishing platform - PressPad

PressPad platform has been in the digital publishing market since 2011, supporting over 500 magazines and 2 000 000 readers worldwide. The fast growing English-speaking Singapore market is very interesting because Singaporeans love reading, and most of all, shopping! PressPad wants to help convince them by creating new kinds of location-based loyalty products, a process that involves reading on mobile devices.

The iBeacons platform supplier has been Kontakt.io, with whom PressPad previously built their final version of Reading Lounge. Kontakt.io’s transparency and very supportive business culture helps PressPad to build new IOT products for remote locations.

— We relies on the Kontakt.io hardware solution, including Cloud Beacons that allow management of the entire fleet of Smart Beacons in remote locations.

“We are working on iBeacons based loyalty products that will fit the Singapore market. Rising Sun Media & Marketing currently supports clients who already need such a solution. The product market fit has been thoroughly tested on our location-based, digital publishing solution called PressPad Reading Lounge” PressPad CEO Michael Opydo said.

The very first batch of Smart Beacons from Kontakt.io are already working in test integrations in cafes and beauty salons in Singapore, and first juicy magazines are on their way to PressPad digital publishing platform.

PressPad Singapore will possess sole rights to distribute PressPad technology in the three local markets of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.