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The best way is to create amazing subscription offers that reward your print subscribers with added value.

Magazine apps do this job just as well, allowing your readers to experience a digital replica of your magazine on the go. It’s affordable and you don’t have to worry about your digital publishing ROI. See how this is possible.

It is always a great time to attract new subscribers to your magazine. For so many of us, a magazine subscription is a perfect gift to our family members and friends. So the best way to trigger a sales decision is to add free digital editions into your print subscription plan.

This is how VOGUE presents their awesome subscription offer on their website.

Vouge Subscription exmaple

See what they claim:

Get your copy of VOGUE delivered FREE to your door before it hits the shops + FREE ACCESS to the iPad + iPhone editions! Alternatively, choose from one of our fantastic digital-only offers, available across all devices.”

Digital magazine & book publishing software

Use digital stores to offer access to your magazine or book

digital magazine and books publishing

Think about the paid distribution of your magazine or book. Start your digital kiosk online. Instant publishing, credit card transactions and the online reader of your PDF publication.

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Amazing Magazine Subscription Offer

Now, you can offer your subscribers access to your magazine on their mobile devices for free through Google Play + Amazon App Store + Apple App Store. This will bring additional value to your genuine print offer.

Free digital editions might be the key to higher conversion rates into paying subscribers. And you don’t have to worry about your digital publishing ROI thanks to these five things:

      1. You use existing PDF content.
      2. You do not have to hire additional staff.
      3. You just pay a tiny fee to a mobile app publisher.
      4. Your mobile app publisher supports your digital readers.
      5. You can monetize on your digital editions as well.

— How about existing print subscribers, “should I enable them to read on tablets” – you may ask?

I say – yes!

It will always be perceived as a great gift from you, the publisher. This is all about standing out from the crowd.

Give Your Readers a Gift, an Amazing Subscription Offer before they’re gone.

Hint: With PressPad Pro it’s very easy to enable your current subscribers to have free access to tablet and smartphone versions of your magazine. I’ll be more than happy to tell you about this great PressPad Pro feature, and how you could use it most effectively. With this in mind, I have prepared a special pricing offer for you. Ask me any question in comments, or tell me what you think?

What’s more, you can add an unlimited number of past issues to your digital edition. It costs you nothing and makes your subscription offer bold. Really bold (you see, being digital reduces your print costs – that’s obvious – but used properly, it also becomes an outstanding sales tool for your print subscription).

PressPad’s promo-codes feature not only enables print version subscribers to read on tablets, it also gives one more advantage for the publisher to stand out from the crowd: it’s all about free promotion.

Magazine Promotion

magazines promote on facebookSee full Digital Publishing Study by PressPad

Word of mouth is one of the most effective promotional channels for your publishing business.

In every area of interest, there are individuals who have influence over potential readers of your magazine. Reaching out to people like them, i.e. journalists, bloggers or celebrities can give your magazine some great extra coverage.

Using the same PressPad Pro feature, you’ll be able to attract influencers’ attention by reaching out to them with your magazine app, without them having to buy anything. This is possible because of allowing strict control over who can read a particular digital edition via a promo-code.

And with an unlimited number of promo-codes — available on Pro accounts — you can fund a prize such as your Facebook contest or lottery etc..

In my previous post, you can read a step by step guide to How To Run a Facebook Contest to Promote Your Magazine using free contest apps for your magazine’s Facebook page.


Adding digital to your print subscription offer is good for you because it drives print subscription sales because people tend to buy bundles. They perceive a bundle offer as having much more value.

Tangible add-ons, like cover DVD’s or cover samples, increase sales of magazines, making the logistic loop longer and increasing the cost. Having a digital edition mobile app in a bundle with your print subscription has all the advantages, and provides unique promotional opportunities for the publisher.