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In PressPad, we follow the principle 1 + 1 = 3. This is the way in which our product is created, the way in which we consult new ideas, and also try to cooperate with clients. We believe that our knowledge of mobile applications marketing and our clients’ excellent content will be able to get through the TOP PAID rankings in stores with mobile applications.

Now, to a group of people with whom we want to cooperate very closely, we would like to invite companies and professionals from the field of Desktop Publishing (DTP). Over the last few months we have tested how such cooperation proceeds, and today we are convinced that all parties can benefit from it.

How does the cooperation with PressPad take place?

DTP companies and PressPad have a very similar client: a magazine publisher. We think that PressPad can supplement the offer of DTP companies and therefore influence their value proposition.

When a client of DTP company becomes a PressPad subscriber, in exchange, we give the DTP company 50% of our profit. What is more, PressPad manages the communication with the magazine publisher and his future service.

Aren’t mobile applications a threat to DTP field?

We understand why, from the perspective of DTP field, mobile applications may be readily perceived as a threat. The result of designers and professionals’ work dealing with the print is the order of a printed magazine, while mobile applications need neither a printing house nor paper.

However, from the experience, we can see that over 50% of our clients treat mobile applications as a supplement of a paper magazine. Moreover, thanks to mobile applications, more readers can find out about a magazine, and some of them also order paper editions.

Furthermore, the files which leave DTP studio are simultaneously materials for creating mobile applications in PressPad. Thus, the cooperation with DTP companies is extremely important to us.

How to become a PressPad Partner

We made efforts to help DTP companies easily start the cooperation with PressPad.

Today we have released a dedicated website on which the interested will find a description of a program, necessary marketing materials, profit calculator, the status of financial statements, and more.


You can find this website at presspadapp.com/partnership-center.

What are the benefits of joining PressPad program

We make efforts to keep our actions transparent all the time, and information available to everyone. For this reason, on the Partnership Center website, we made all the information on the statement with DTP companies publicly accessible.

The basis for cooperation is trust. DTP company must trust PressPad that it will deliver a high-quality product to its clients. We are working in digital publishing for over two years now, and delivered hundreds of magazine applications to the market. For us, it is extremely important to cooperate with reliable partners as well, therefore we reserve the right to screen Partner requests.

Every magazine publisher who will become a PressPad client, acts in favour of the Partner from whom he had come. The benefit from the subscription gained in this way is divided 50/50 between DTP company and PressPad. Most importantly, this agreement lasts as long as the magazine remains the client of PressPad.

I encourage every DTP company to have a look at our offer.
– Paul Nowak PressPad CEO