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This is a guest post by Irene Samozdran from PDFfiller. PDFfiller is an online editing tool for PDF files used by various business owners.

Irene Samozdran is a content marketer at PDFfiller. She switched from a career in journalism to exploring marketing and content strategies. She enjoys doing interviews with developers and storytelling experiments.

Native content, native advertising

Go native or go home! In February Rickard Lawson put forth this zero alternative rule in his article where he outlined the rise of native advertising. Due to low revenue from video advertising, banner ads and the popularity of ad-blockers, marketers now have to change their marketing strategy towards creating native content.

The company where I work, PDFfiller, has been on the digital office market since 2008. We are a SaaS-company offering a PDF document management service, and we understand that in 2017 simply having a good product is not enough. In marketing, going native means answering the questions that might help our customers reach their goals. We run a blog where we suggest solutions to their problems.

Our customers are mostly small and medium businesses that are as interested in promoting their product as we are. One of the largest companies using PDFfiller is CHG Healthcare with more than 2000 employees delivering medical care to rural communities. CHG Healthcare uses PDFfiller to speed up the process of doctor onboarding. They upload documents into PDFfiller, edit, sign and send them out for signature online. Now, 2000 employees don’t have to print out, fax or FedEx hundreds of pages every week.

Overcoming ad blindness

Including native advertising has become a popular step since Google research showed that 56% of digital ads go unseen. Most of our customers already create great content, so the next step is distributing that content online. That’s why we recommend PressPad to our customers.

With PressPad any company can turn their ideas into great content by creating a digital magazine, making their PDF content into an app and distributing it via Google Play or the App Store. Useful how-to pieces, interesting data, great infographic and all the best staff from a company’s blog could become an easy-to-use app for any Android or iOS device. All a company has to do is upload their content in PDF format into PressPad.

mobile native content distribution app as an inbound lead magnet

Hint: Mobile flip page apps with PDF content become great lead magnets, helping content marketers trigger more inbound signups for newsletters. This is an example of such a lead magnet app. This way PressPad distributes their ebooks and guides, keeping in touch with their readers via Push Notifications.

PressPad covers all the issues traditionally left to developers when building an app. Thus, anyone can do it without any coding. It doesn’t matter how big your project is – say it’s a 300-pager on every aspect of your product – PressPad will take care of it. They also offer video and audio support; making an online course for a product is possible now. It’ll all come wrapped in a convenient user interface and social media integration.

The sales and marketing tools are one of PressPad’s biggest advantages. Even the best native content won’t survive poor distribution. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about that with PressPad. Companies can use automatic push notifications to promote their content and even use PressPad’s App Store optimization to save time and have a team of professionals take care of their apps.

By no means am I claiming that content marketing is an easy path. Getting solid metrics and data can be hard or even impossible, and content creation can often require its own large department within a company. Nonetheless, this is the defining trend in marketing for the next decade.

If this is the case, why not use the best tool for creating a digital magazine? That’d be a tool that takes away all logistical headaches of content marketing and lets you concentrate on content. That’s why we recommend PressPad for anyone who is a fan of great content provided in a proper way on mobile.

Irene Samozdran @ PDFfiller

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