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Our much expected affiliate program for PressPad News for WordPress is now available for the public.

This quick guide explains why our affiliate program might be a missing puzzle in your website monetization strategy.

The story behind PressPad News affiliate program

PressPad is quite well known in a magazine publishing industry. We work with magazine publishers since 2011. To this day we have helped almost a thousand publishers go mobile. Our digital publishing platform is not only an easy and painless way to get a magazine into App Store but it’s also a set of marketing tools for traditional magazine publishers, and other PDF-world fellows.

I’m talking about Push Notifications enabled Magazine apps, Facebook Newsstand apps, sales widgets, ASO service, landing page generator and even an app marketing lessons. Quite an ecosystem that makes a magazine publisher life easier. That’s especially true for smaller publishers without a big label standing behind them.

As a SaaS business one of our growth strategy implemented from the very beginning was a business partnership program. It opened, and it still does, a possibility for the third party publishing service integrators and content agencies to extend their offer with the digital publishing mobile apps.

When we entered a new media publishers area with the PressPad News, a mobile marketing and content curation tool for WordPress publishers, we have started receiving many questions about the availability of some kind of a referral program. It was at the end of 2016 and to our surprise, these queries have been sent usually by webmasters or WordPress theme designers.

Such an affiliate program would help many of the WordPress assets creators (including theme designers and WordPress developers) increase their revenue by connecting us with content publishers interested in our tool. What a win=win opportunity!

The hypothesis was tempting.

We couldn’t wait to test it.

Here we go!

Apps for WordPress  - Affiliate Program

Rolling out an affiliate program with a fair share philosophy

The Fair Share is the philosophy that stays on the top of this referral program and it means that our affiliates receive a recurring revenue from every new business initiated through them. We say “thank you” to our affiliates each month for as long as customers that came through their referral links will use our service.

How PressPad News affiliate program works

Our affiliate program let you grow with us. We will pay you with real money for every new business we’ll get through your referrals.

The deal is simple. You share information about us with your network using the dedicated referral link. Whether it’s an ad on your website, social share or anything else, every people getting through your referral link receive a 15% discount from us and you get 15% from every new deal we get.

Hint: For example $39/month plan costs only $33.15/month for people who have come through the referral link and the affiliate gets $4.97/month.

What’s more I’m talking about recurring money.

So as long as this new customer stays with us you get paid a deduction from their monthly bill (according to PressPad News pricing). Now multiply this by the factor of 10, 100 or 10000. Think of the volume effect you can create through your website and your social networks.

How cool is that?

Affiliate Panel

How to join this affiliate program

Firstly you have to create your PressPad News account. It’s free so you can give it a try right away.

  1. Join PressPad News’ affiliate program by signing up to get access to the control panel.
  2. Click the heart icon on the top bar and get your unique referral link.
  3. Start sharing your affiliate link with others to give them 15% off PressPad News .
  4. Get paid the same 15% bonus for each new subscription you refer!

presspad affiliate referrals counter

After signing up, you can see the deals counter on the affiliate panel. It shows how many people have registered through your referral link. Every month you’ll get a sales report from us. In the close future, you will also be able to see the daily sales report here in your PressPad News dashboard.

We send payment via PayPal each month after your balance exceeds 100USD. Before the first transfer, we’ll give you a heads up by email and ask for your PayPal email.

You may ask yourself:

— How do we know who has come through my referral?

Well, everyone who uses your referral link gets a cookie (a tiny piece of information) with your footprint in it. This cookie has a 6 month lifetime. If that person creates a PressPad News account and buys a service from us during the cookie lifetime you’ll be recognized as the original referrer.

Marketing Apps for WordPress Blogs

About News apps for WordPress

You can think of PressPad News as of the automatic content repurposing platform that presents all of your existing and future WordPress posts in your branded mobile app. A handy way to keep your readers updated and drive them to your content.

How many visitors come back to your blog for more? Perhaps there can be more of them? Would you like to refresh your blog in a quick and professional way? Your clients need clearer “information board” and having a blog is not enough to build credibility among them? Or maybe you have a blog that you’d like to refresh in a quick and professional way?

You can achieve these goals via your own News app. Here are three main design forms:

Tiles only

– a visual eye candy to give your readers a burst of positive energy with your content presented in a form of a mobile app with familiar tiles only interface.


– a professional look of text only articles, and reports. If your readers prefer a content first design with bold typography then this format is for your blog.

Video magazine

– You can easily create a curated video magazine with your WordPress using this design format.

Each of these designs are easily adjustable with the standard visual elements such as cover image, custom color schemes and logo.

PressPad News Affiliate Program - Join

Become PressPad News Affiliate Today

If you’re wondering how lucrative this affiliate program might be please note that today WordPress powers around 25% of all websites worldwide.

We’re on the verge of the new global trend connected with delivering WordPress content via branded news apps. With our affiliate program, you can take part in this movement from the comfort of your couch.