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Working with publishers, we can see which activities have a real influence on the sales of their issues in their applications in App Store. One of them is simply being available in Newsstand, but that’s the easiest part. This month on our blog, we’re going to devote a few entries to the topic of how to boost sales in your applications in App Store.

The first issue I’d like to address in our new series is Push Notification. If we were to compare Push Notification to anything from the traditional way of selling press, it would be a letter sent to all who have ever bought your newspaper or magazine. Sounds great, doesn’t it? …and infeasible at the same time? Exactly. That’s why Push Notification is such an interesting and effective concept!

In a nutshell: it’s a message to anyone who has ever downloaded your application from the App Store Newsstand. Having opened it for the first time, the user is asked whether he wants to receive these notifications or not and if he agrees, he is moved to your recipient list.

Push Notifications Effect on iPad Newsstand Magazine App

You’re probably wondering how sending a message to readers is going to influence the sales of your magazine? Well, over the last month, we’ve been looking at how the sales have changed after sending notifications to readers. The answer is above – you can see the chart with two spots marking the time when the notification was sent.


We’ve just introduced the option of sending such notifications by publishers in PressPad, so if you log in to your panel now, you’ll find a suitable feature in the top Menu.