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Until today we informed our customers, who have own apps, only about number of sold or downloaded issues. Today we are pleased to inform you that in your panels there are available very extensive reports and stats.


For each account, with dedicated Newsstand app, we generate following five certificates:

  1. Apps – in this report we gathered downloads of your app day by day.
  2. Issues – this report contains information about sales of particular issues during the month.
  3. Full sales report – It is a detailed report which includes information about all paid transactions on your account.
  4. Downloads of free issues – if you offer issues free of charge, in this report you will find a summary.
  5. Currencies – in this report we grouped all currencies in which customers make payments in your app. We also detailed how much each currency earned in conversion to Euro.

To download reports for your account, log in to the panel and click “reports” button on the top of the page.

We are also finishing an add-on to reports which delivers simplified weekly reports and the most important information about your apps. We will inform you about the implementation when it is done.