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Lately Apple announced a new version of iOS 7. While a lot of fuss have been made around it in the web, as always we can distinguish both supporters and opponents of how the interface is designed.

We wanted this article to focus rather on the functionality of the new version of iOS7 than design but at the first glance we see that from the users’ perspective there will be no differences in using – it will still be a convenient shelf for magazines which are available even in offline mode.

Apple will not change anything for publishers using our self mobile publishing tool, the only thing that is new is the Newsstand’s design. Apple decided that it will no longer look like an actual newspaper shelf. It is quite transparent that the creators of the new iOS design wanted to introdice something else, something simple, flat, clean and blunt.

The shelf is semi-translucent and after you launch an app your current wallpaper will still be visible on your iPad or iPhone.

But maybe lets not assign any view on new design, just check on your own!

PressPad magazine newsstand ios7

Additionally to the above, we are proudly to announce that the new design of iOS7 coincided with PressPad visual identity. You can see now on your own the fruits of our work which is new logo and site lifting in which we are madly in love with.
And there is more to come, such as our brand new app! Well, we may not be objective but we can say for sure that PressPad grew more beautiful.

PressPad Mobile Publishing tool LOGO