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During development of PressPad we used the knowledge from the other more experienced people and brands. They were mentoring us. It’s been quite a time of intensive learning. Now, it’s time for this to work the other way.

If you are a magazine publisher, blogger or the news publisher, see what we’ve prepared for you.

PressPad help publishers since 2011.

During that time we were testing lots of marketing tactics and were learning by doing. Well, we still do that.

Our goal is sharing knowledge to help (not only) young publishers with digital strategy.

That’s why we are organizing free consultation sessions for active online publishers who struggle with growth and want to promote their brand on the mobile web more efficiently.

publishing free consultation with PressPad expert

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There are a lot of different digital challenges faced by bloggers, content marketers, and web magazines. From the beginning of our activity, we have tried to understand online publishers’ professional life and their business goals.

We look at the online publishing industry as a whole.

This concept includes activities of bloggers, magazine publishers, and online marketers. Each of these groups struggles with the similar everyday challenge, such as the lack of website traffic (check out our previous article about it where we discuss the ways to increase blog traffic and readership).

What are the common challenges of online publishers’ and content marketers’?

Let’s see some of the common real-life problems publishers facing on a daily basis.

  • Why my web magazine doesn’t convert?
  • Why my WordPress blog does grow too slow?
  • How to have more subscriptions to my online magazine?
  • How to promote my blog, my magazine, my online content?
  • How to increase retention to my blog?
  • How to monetize my content on the mobile web?
  • How to open a native mobile ads channel on my blog?
  • How to get more Internet traffic to my blog?

— Have you thought “it concerns me” when you were reading the above list?

If you said “yes”, do not wait. Click here to reserve your free consultation spot.

Perhaps you would like to add something to this list? Lest the comment below.

We’ll be glad to help you.