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Our goal no. 1 is to increase the sales of your digital editions on iPads and Android and smart banner helps achieve this goal. As you know, the business model we used to function motivates us to provide digital magazine sales tips that work.

Today we present two super simple solutions, which will directly translate to a boost in your sales.

Widget informing about the latest issue


For each of our clients, we have prepared a special code, which when placed in any place of the website will display the banner similar to the one pictured here.

The banner (300x250px) shows the cover of the latest issue, its name and links to App Store and Google Play. All the information in this widget will update automatically after the publication of the issues, so placing the code on the website is required only once.

Now every reader visiting your website will be able to see that you have a new issue on the spot and will find links to their store directly next to it.


What is more, the widget is developed in a way that integrates neatly with your websites. Above you can find a couple of examples of what the widget can look like in the context of different websites. All of this happens automatically, the only thing you need to do is to place the code on your website.

Apple Smart Banner

Presspad-smart-bannerThe second thing which beneficially affects the sales of your magazines is the so-called Apple Smart Banners. It is a bar which appears on your website if the visitor enters it via iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The banner displays a few pieces of information about the app and allows for installing your app even without opening App Store. Just click “view” and the rest will happen in the background.

Installation instructions

Every client has been sent a mail with precise installation instructions. Codes and instructions can be downloaded also after you log in to PressPad and navigate to Promote/Widgets and Banners from top bar menu.