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OUTFIT Cornwall Digital Magazine is all about improving people’s lives. Cornwall UK is an exciting and dynamic place to live. There is lots of countryside, sports and water for people to take part in and OUTFIT Cornwall is about getting people out and about, making the most of their lives being healthy in the process.

In this article you will read about the experience and insights from Ian Michael Pogonowski who started his digital magazine in the Summer of 2013.

Ian, you started OUTFIT Cornwall in July 2013. Why did you decide to run a digital magazine?

I’m excited by the future of Technology and following my degree in English Literature I want to transform the way publishing works. This will be achieved through digital methods and I’m excited to lead the way from Cornwall UK in this.

Sport and fitness and healthy living are really important to me. It’s a way of progressing to the future and this reflects in my business and social life too. OUTFIT Cornwall is a way of life, a healthy life to keep people fit and healthy; we want to share this with our readers.

Do you have print version of your magazine?

Not at the moment, but we’re looking to publish a Summer Annual each year to highlight the best parts of Cornwall. The circulation will be 20,000.

How do you promote your digital magazine and which social network works best for you?

Primarily through Social Media, but attending networking events and winning awards help too 🙂 Twitter has definitely worked best for us. As a publisher we need to promote short and sharp news. Twitter is perfect for this. Facebook helps with imagery but the search is harder for the reader to find us.

Tip: SEO with google and content marketing, creating unique readers with our magazine.

How about the future, do you have any mid-term goals you would like to reach with your magazine?

We’ll be building up to our Summer 2014 printed edition to supplement our Digital edition. I’m excited about augmented reality so will look to build some of this into our printed edition too.

Digital Publishing is a very exciting step forwards for the publishing industry. Using analytics, we are able to advise advertisers how their money is being spent and they prefer this than wasting money on printed magazines that can claim one fact which in reality may be far from the truth.

Takeaway: OUTFIT Cornwall keeps in touch with readers through email-marketing and through social media where they like to give items away during competitions!


Ian Michael Pogonowski. Founder at OUTFIT Cornwall Ltd. An enterprising University of Exeter Grad who thrives with creative new projects. 3+ years publishing experience.

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OUTFIT Cornwall is an award winning Essential guide to healthy lifestyle inspired from Cornwall UK. Whether you live in the county or live out of county you can experience what it’s like to live here by reading OUTFIT Cornwall. We cover the package from Sport, Fitness, Events, Models, Food, Fashion, Culture, Reviews and everything else that’s fit in Cornwall More…