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It has been an amazing year not only for PressPad, but also for our publishers. This article lets you peek at the future as it lifts the curtain on what is going to happen next year and how to maximize it.

In the passing year 2013 we changed our business model and by that we took a quantum leap towards increasing the availability of digital publishing among medium-sized publishers. Publishing will never be the same. Thanks to this change, we shortened the time to market for the new publishers, and the growing number of magazines available in PressPad’s ecosystem translates to larger popularity of our clients’ magazines. It stems from the diffusion of the readers within our publishing ecosystem.

Digital Publishing in 2014

Digital publishing is continuously changing the landscape of the publishing industry, and influencing other sectors. SMBs focus on increased online presence and thus more and more magazines published by companies show up as part of their content marketing. Our magazines are compatible with Apple mobile devices of all sizes. Once your magazine gets to App Store, it is available for iPad and iPhone too. Contrary to appearances, content consumption on smartphones is high.

In October we launched support for Android which will allow for a quick expansion to Kindle. Thus, expect our support for Amazon devices in the first quarter of 2014!

In December we made a totally new administrative panel available for our publishers: it contains new functions, which will make their lives easier.

The activity we are planning to focus our attention in the new year 2014, however, is enabling optimization of marketing and sales and thus increasing the sales revenues for our publishers.

Many people still believe that the sole publishing of an app in Apple Store or Google Store will contribute to sales. Unfortunately, it is not the case. App Store is a giant supermarket with a limited promotional potential.

We want to show and teach how to promote your magazines and digital comic books successfully and in a relatively simple manner so as to increase your sales. For this purpose, among others, we have started publishing our own free magazine Digital Publishing Guide.

The analysis of our most popular magazines show that Facebook proves to be a great tool of magazine promotion and that is why we are going to introduce integration of a publisher’s panel with Facebook as early as January 2014, which will enable an even more efficient communication with the readers.

Similarly to our new mobile app, which has been already sent to Apple, we introduced integration with Facebook and Twitter, the two most effective social media, using which the readers themselves can promote their favourite titles.

Start selling more from now on, place the promo Widget on your magazine’s website. Our publishers can grab their unique code from their publisher’s panel.

Your Nails Magazine successfully uses the Widget to promote their mobile editions.

Your Nails Magazine successfully uses the Widget to promote their mobile editions.

In order to do it, just paste one line of code into a chosen place on your website (we have prepared a version for publishers running their sites on platforms which do not support embedded codes as well. If you are our publisher, take a look at your menu panel: account > edit > widget ).

Our publishers are among the pioneers thanks to whom publishing will never be the same. Future is now and it is mobile. It is only a part of what we have planned. If you have any questions or you would like to share your ideas, feel free to comment.