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We started building PressPad to reshape the digital publishing industry, making it easy to use and affordable for publishers of all sizes. Mobile is here to stay, and publishing is one among many industries affected by the mobile revolution.

With PressPad’s active support, magazine publishers and authors are able to monetize their existing content on the biggest mobile platforms: Apple iOS Newsstand and Google Android.

When PressPad introduced its new business model at the end of August 2013, we did not expect it to affect the whole platform and reshape our approach towards mobile publishing and app marketing.

With our unique business approach publishers not only got native magazine apps for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and Android devices, but also a risk free business model that allows them to test mobile publishing firsthand.

They simply get published into app stores for free. In exchange, PressPad keeps first $299 from their revenue each month.

Since that time PressPad has experienced a rapid growth with over 50 000 magazine apps downloads every month. Our user base is now well over half a million people and PressPad’s revenue grows by 25% every month. Our publishers come from almost all parts of the world except Greenland and Antarctica but who knows what future will bring? At this moment PressPad holds 3% of all Apple Newsstand apps.

Edit [April 20th, 2016]: PressPad does not offer a free plans anymore. A new business model has been introduced on March 2015. Currently we serve over 2000000 readers worldwide.

Today PressPad announces a partnership with Tokyo based D&E Corporation in order to expand PressPad operations into Japan.

PressPad Japan
PressPad Japan Website

Japan based D&E Corporation, with its CEO Hiromitsu Katsuta, is a leading provider of print and digital manuals and folders for OEMs in the local Japanese market. The company was established in 1980 and since then it has been closely cooperating with well-established global brands such as IBM Japan, Sony, HP, Cisco, SUN Microsystems and others.

Based on the partnership agreement signed on June 9th between PressPad Ltd, Krakow, Poland and D&E Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, D&E Corporation becomes the sole distributor of the PressPad digital publishing technology in Japan. Both sides agreed that establishing a PressPad Division at D&E is a first step towards forming a future Joint Venture company.

E-Magazines are expected to grow ten-fold by 2017 in Japan

Apple Newsstand launched in Japan in 2011 with about 150 titles supplied by major publishers. It is expected to grow rapidly, as it has done in the USA. D&E officials agree that “Today’s USA is Tomorrow’s Japan”.

Japan has an excellent potential for a fast market growth because the current penetration is very small in relation to the device use, purchasing power and the size of the market. Moreover, digital publishing makes worldwide distribution easy, an attractive prospect with an estimated 10 million potential users among expatriate Japanese who have limited access to printed magazines.

Combining the business management and technical skills of the D&E Corporation with the PressPad know-how on the ground in Japan will enable to enter the market quickly. This is crucial because the Japanese market is about to explode with an expected ten-fold growth by 2017.

The Japanese publishing market eagerly awaits for products that everyone can use easily without IT competence. Hiromitsu Katsuta, the CEO of D&E Corporation, confirmed that “current vendors in the Japanese market do not offer easy to use products with a low start-up costs. PressPad addresses this market need and fills this gap”.

“We are looking forward to work with PressPad and share the success”, Mr Katsuta said.

PressPad is publisher-friendly

D&E Corporation, the official licensee of PressPad mobile publishing technology, will start offering their digital publishing service under the same pricing model as PressPad does.

Japanese publishers will have the opportunity to jump into digital publishing risk-free, with localized, social media integrated, beautiful magazine apps providing fantastic reading experience both on iPhone and iPad. For paid content the D&E will be offering magazine apps for free and bond their fee – up to 32000 YEN/month – with revenue generated by the apps.

Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO said that “PressPad believes in developing a long lasting relationships with D&E Corporation because only that way will it be possible to build real value, especially operating a business in such a different market, serving the specific needs of Japanese customer.”

PressPad wants to pave the way for the future digital publishing standards to come. We are very happy to have such an experienced business partner as D&E Corporation with its CEO Hiromitsu Katsuta and Sales & Marketing Executive Yuichi Murano.

We are glad that PressPad can introduce a new quality to the Japanese digital publishing market.