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In order to help our publishers sell more, today we introduce into our offer quite a surprising item: to current clients we offer a “tuning” of their magazine covers. Sounds atypical? Read on for details.

We did not expect ourselves, that such a service could attract customers. Until, during a conversation with one of the clients, we suggested her several changes to the cover, which could increase sales. It did and she loved the work we did.

What does the cover sale?

The fact that the cover sales the magazine does not require an explanation. In the “old days” a client saw only covers at a kiosk before he decided to pick up a particular title.

Today the role of a cover at digital kiosks and mobile app stores has hardly changed.

Where does a user see a cover?

app-store-newsstandOn Apple devices and in the Android system a cover and description are the first things that a reader comes in contact with. On the basis of these two elements they make a decision whether to download your or your competition’s magazine.

newsstand-appIn the newer iOS systems, for instance iOS 7 in the App Store a reader can simply see only a cover. This rectangular piece of graphics has to be very solid in order to sell your magazine.

in-magazine-storeAfter downloading a magazine app to his device, a reader browses available issues and decides which ones to buy. Here also nearly the entire decision is made on the basis of a cover.

Is changing a cover the solution to poor sales?

Of course not! There is no single thing which solves all problems. As with free magazine excerpts, a solid description, a good title of a magazine and many other elements, a cover influences client’s decision.

What do you know about covers?

All of our clients are magazine publishers. We have added over a hundred magazine apps to the App Store, which have published over one thousand editions in total.

We know which covers sell better, what should appear on them and in what order. We also have an excellent inhouse designer who understands mobile publishing like no other.

I want a new cover, what should I do?

To order a redesign of your cover, visit presspadapp.com/magazine-cover-redesign and attach your current cover or simply a description of what should appear on the new one.

presspad cover design support

For current PressPad clients the service costs $29. If you would like to order a redesign of your cover but you are not our client, the service will cost you $99. This is per cover price.

Update Sept 2014:

We no longer offer this service.