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When Apple introduced a new mobile operating system iOS7, our team had just finished working on a new version of the mobile magazine application. This PressPad application allows subscribers to download and read digital magazines published by our editors. In this article we disclose the appearance of our new mobile application optimized for iOS7.

Apple has released its new, innovative operating system iOS7, introducing many interesting features such as the Control Center, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking. But what catches the eye the most is a brand new, beautiful user interface with icons designed in the style of flat design, and referring to the current color trends. Apple’s new mobile system provides a completely new user’s experience, better than ever.

In accordance with the direction set by Apple, we are testing a new version of our mobile application in the PressPad, which is compatible with the iOS7 interface. We can boast about its appearance just now, which fits well with the new system from Apple. This makes reading the publication on iPad even more pleasant.

PressPad on iOS7 - coming soon

The new PressPad application is also a brand new promotional opportunity for our customers. Now, with the ability to share magazine covers in Social Media, the subscribers themselves promote available titles from the Publisher by sharing the beautiful graphics within the circle of friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is the current version of the PressPad App supported on iOS7?

A: Yes, the current version of the PressPad App is supported on the new iOS7. The new version will be available soon. All our publishers will be informed.

Q: Do the subscribers of my magazine must install PressPad one more time after the installation of iOS7?

A: No, this is not necessary. Subscribers can use the current (old) version of the application PressPad. However, after the release of the new version, we suggest sending Push Notification to the subscribers with information that the new version of the application is ready for download.

Q: Why then do you pay so much attention to the details in the new look of iOS7?

A: In the PressPad we are aware that the user experience is just as important as the functionality of the application. User experience of the application should be compatible and should fulfill the experience offered by the device’s operating system in such a way that reading magazines was a unique experience.

Q: Why should I install a new version of PressPad on iOS7 if the current version works well?

A: The new interface of the PressPad App interacts with the interface of the new mobile system for Apple mobile devices. Our new application code has also been optimized for iOS7 to ensure stability and optimal user experience.

App Store Newsstand

Q: What is PressPad?

A: PressPad is a self-service iPad publishing platform. Register to start your iPad magazine with branded newsstand app, subscriptions and Push Notifications. With our new business model you can exist in the App Store with your commercial digital magazine at very affordable price. Open an account and send us your magazine in a PDF format.

Q: If my digital magazine purchases 5000 subscribers, will you charge additional fee for the transfer?

A: No. We do not charge any additional fees for the transfer, or hosting.

Q: Can I place the discount coupons inside my digital magazine to encourage users to buy the subscription?

A: At the moment it is only possible by putting an active link to the external promotional content, for example, to the previously generated a Facebook entry that contains the password, or promotion code in your magazine’s PDF.

link shortening

Tip: Using the tool that shortens links (e.g. or, you can generate a shortened link and optionally download and place the QR code that leads to the mentioned entry or promotional website.

Q: Do you offer a White-Label solution?

A: Yes. You can publish your mobile magazine in the application under your own brand. PressPad is then the supplier of technology and our brand is nowhere visible. We are fully transparent to your subscribers. To learn more about White-Label solutions email us or visit our home page and start a chat with a consultant.

On PressPad, the publishers have access to detailed sales data and their magazine downloads. Possession of such data allows for building funnels and optimising sales processes. Get your magazine to the App Store with PressPad.