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When it comes to increasing the number of app downloads we have to consider ASO which stands for App Store Optimization. Digital Publishers can make it big on iTunes with relatively little effort. Here is how to make your magazine app resonate through Apple Newsstand on a global scale.

Most of the iOS app downloads come from the App Store Search results. While the search algorithm has not been disclosed by Apple, it is well known that there are several factors that publishers can hold control over in order to influence the app discoverability. They are the key to passive promotion of your magazine app inside the App Store environment.

The following are the elements of the App Store Page one has to take care of:

  1. The name of your App
  2. Its description
  3. Keywords
  4. Screenshots

Translate like a pro

According to the Forrester study the most common method of app discovery is general browsing of the App Store. 63% of new apps are being discovered in this way. However, one of the underestimated ASO tactics, which influences other channels of app discoverability, is to have your magazine app description available in many different languages that your readers may speak.

At PressPad we recognize the huge potential of translation to leverage our publishers’ app discoverability, which is why we have prepared a special translation offer for our Digital Publishers.

In order to provide this service we have teamed up with professional translators in order to offer magazine apps description translation in a bundle, which includes 6 most popular languages:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Russian

Translation Service

Disclaimer: PressPad does NOT make money with this service. We have decided to drop our fee in order to offer the most affordable and comprehensive translation service to our publishers.


The translation of an English app description into the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian.


Translation will be done within 7 working days.


6.5 USD/100 characters for all supported languages (including additional free translation into the Polish language)

E.g. If your magazine app description takes 500 characters you would pay $32.5 for 7 language translations, only!

ASO PressPad Tranlsation Service

How to order

You can order your translation through your PressPad dashboard: Login to your account

  1. Enter your app management section by clicking the sprocket icon at the top bar menu.
  2. Click “Translate Service” from the Promote Your Content side menu.
  3. In the next screen click big green button “Request Quotation” so that we can prepare quotation based on your magazine app description length.

With localized app descriptions you can communicate with people across the world and allow them to enjoy your magazine app.