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Digital magazines lay on the same evolutionary path blogs do. They help build online identity and just as blogs did in the past, they are successively becoming a must-have online asset for modern companies. In this article, you will hear from our publishers why they have decided to start their own digital publishing ventures.

Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region
Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region. Source: www.cisco.com

We live in the world of mobile devices that influence our day-to-day behavior, and tens of millions of mobile devices are being sold every year. In such a fast-paced environment, a digital magazine can be a great content marketing tool on the journey to keep people closer to your business and your passions.

We asked our publishers why they’ve decided to run a digital magazine, and here are 7 answers that will give you a glimpse into the minds of professional digital publishers.

PressPad: Why have you decided to run a digital magazine?

digital magazine 360

Vaughn Lowery, 360 Magazine

“Digital and tablet mediums are a great way to distribute a magazine during today’s market, allowing us to publish materials in real time (…)”

digital magazine outfit cornwall

Ian Michael Pogonowski, OUTFIT Cornwall

“I’m excited by the future of Technology and following my degree in English Literature I want to transform the way publishing works. This will be achieved through digital methods and i’m excited to lead the way from Cornwall UK in this (…)”

digital magazine eks

Anna Chodacka, EksMagazyn

“We have decided to run digital version of EksMagazyn because our readers are modern and they don’t always have possibility to buy paper version (…)”

digital magazine aystralian street car

Craig Muller, Australian Street Car

“I decided to expand our printed magazine into the realm of digital because I have had many inquiries from overseas readers who wanted to read our magazine, however the postage costs for sending the magazine international were very expensive. Being digital as well gives us the opportunity for people worldwide to enjoy our magazine at an affordable price (…)”

digital magazine studio time

Netza Rodriguez, Studio Time Magazine

“I decided to run digital when I noticed all my family reading from their phones, nooks, and pads. Of course this just seemed the right thing to do in order to take my magazine to the next level, svn global (…)”

digital magazine your nails

Karolina Boczek, Your Nails Magazine

“This is strictly trade magazine for professionals in the nail industry. Our magazine is all about inspiration and providing our readers with knowledge necessary to become higher level nail tech. We share their stories, work, show their salons, we teach them and give them advice. We want to connect them with our publication, because this is all about building a connection between Your Nails and readers (…)”

digital comic magazine off shoot comic

David Clarke, Off Shoot Comics

We decided to publish our comics through this program because of how fair and easy the set up and operation was (…)”

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