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Australian Street Car is a car magazine that covers modified cars from early 1900’s through to present day modern cars. It features car shows, drag racing, circuit racing, drifting, and everything else in the Australian car scene.

Craig, as far as I know you started your Magazine long time ago…

Craig Muller: Yes, we started back in 2002 and were known as Queensland Street Car up until later 2013 when we changed our name to Australian Street Car to meet the demand from all across Australia from our readers. So, we have been a printed publication for the past 11 years.

So why did you decide to run a digital magazine?

I decided to expand our printed magazine into the realm of digital because I have had many inquiries from overseas readers who wanted to read our magazine, however the postage costs for sending the magazine international were very expensive. Being digital as well gives us the opportunity for people worldwide to enjoy our magazine at an affordable price.

Do you keep in touch with your readers?

Yes, we always keep in touch with our readers as we find this allows them to help steer which direction our publication evolves in. After all we make the magazine for them to read and enjoy.

How do you promote your digital magazine?

We have a facebook page which helps to promote our digital magazine and also word of mouth. At the moment I am mainly focused on promoting my printed version of the magazine.

Which social network works best for you?

We find Facebook works the best for getting our name out to our potential readers.

Takeaway: Australian Street Car Magazine is very much available any time to speak with readers via email, local trade shows and events, and even on the phone for local readers who live in Australia.

Craig Muller is Editor – Director of Australian Street Car Magazine