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Hi guys, due to the current global economic situation, PressPad decided to create a special offer of digital distribution for affected publishers. If you know anyone who would benefit from reducing their fixed cost of physical distribution please share this offer with them.

The point is that PressPad does not require any long term commitments so once the situation will be back to normal it is easy to restart print while stoping digital service.

— But wait! Is it okay to invest during a global economy slow down? — You may ask.

Let me put it this way.

The latest Simon Sinek’s video has all that’s necessary for one to put in publishers’ shoes. And I may have a perfect example of what Simon is talking about. Please watch this 6-minute video before the further read.

Let’s Reinvent by Simon Sinek

One of my duty in PressPad is selling our products to magazine publishers. A few of my prospects I had in my pipeline, told me recently that they drop out because they want to invest in digital publishing after this COVID-19 situation will finish.

This was a trigger.

I started analyzing what the current situation really brings to the publishing community.

Here it goes:


  • Print distribution is vanishing at the time of a pandemic
  • Advertisers losing trust to the print distribution because of above
  • Profits from traditional distribution are melting
  • Costs remain the same


  • Digital publishing technology is well matured
  • People are used to buying digital goods online
  • People are locked down in their homes

My conclusion is simple.

There was probably no better time in the history of magazine publishing to jump into the digital space because the investment taken today to transfer readers from the print edition to digital edition has a big potential for return with a much higher multiplier than usual.

PressPad has working solutions for onboarding print readers to the digital. The immediate advantage of rebuilding magazine distribution to the digital space is its logistics cost optimization.

— Is print dead? Oh God No!

But digital distribution during the unique time of nations’ quarantine has advantages and is easy to adopt and cost-effective.

We’ve decided to take action to reduce the fear factor.

Special PressPad offer during a special time.

PressPad starts a special service to support magazine publishers affected by COVID-19. Save your Revenue Stream by transferring your readers to your digital edition! »

Transform your print publication into a digital publication in a day with us.

You will get:

  • Dedicated e-Kiosk Website.
  • Onboarding your current readers.
  • The dedicated person helping start your digital kiosk (no programming skills required).
  • FREE of charge support with NO set-up fee.
  • NO charge until you are ready to go-live.
  • Going live with 25% OFF for life depending on the pricing plan $37/month or $74/month.
  • Ability to sell subscriptions and single issues.
  • NO long term commitments. 

Reduce your fixed costs for physical distribution. There was no better time in history to begin your digital journey.

The above offer is valid until May 1st, 2020

Let us know what you think about this offer it in the comments below or by contacting us directly via our website.

If there is anything that PressPad can do for you to help you not only survive this global situation but to thrive, please let us know.

We are here to help.

Featured Image thanks to the courtesy of bluehouseskis.com