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With the introduction of “PressPad Lounge”, we are entering a completely new land of location marketing. “PressPad Lounge” is an innovative product that will be available for venue owners. There, digital magazines will meet people at their actual location thanks to the iBeacon technology.

Forget traditional magazines laying around in your lounge

Welcome PressPad Lounge full of digital magazines. Thanks to PressPad Lounge now venue owners can engage their customers in a whole new way by allowing them to read on their own devices while in the range of the iBeacon. We believe PressPad Lounge provides a unique venue experience and builds customers’ loyalty.

PressPad Magazine Lounge - A Reading Zone

iBeacon, like a modern jukebox

iBeacon is a low-power device that emits a signal which can be read by modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can perceive the beacon as a small lighthouse installed in a fixed location which broadcasts its presence to all the ships (smartphones) around.

Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a shopping mall, or restaurant, “PressPad Lounge” enables a slick marriage of the digital publishing and location marketing.

Estimote iBeacons

Estimote ibeacons

PressPad has chosen Estimote Beacons because they are small, beautifully designed sensors that can be placed anywhere in the world. Once installed for example, next to entry door, they start broadcasting immediately.

Their signal can be picked up by customers’ smartphones, at which point a compatible app triggers various actions; in our case the signal makes a magazine’s content available for free for a certain period of time. Just like in the traditional paper-based press lounge model.

Trial implementation

PressPad Lounge is a perfect solution for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Any place where people gather or wait for an appointment or a connecting flight will be good for running it. That’s because having a digital magazine delivered instantly upon request straight to your pocket is a fun and unforgettable experience.

PressPad iBeacon Press Lounge

The very first implementation of PressPad Lounge will take place in the Radisson Blu hotel in the Royal Capital City of Krakow, Poland. We are pleased to announce that Radisson Blu guests will be able to access selected magazines in the hotel’s lobby before the end of the year.

Questions & Answers

— What is PressPad Lounge?

It’s a product dedicated to hotels, restaurants and waiting rooms that provides people with access to selected magazines from PressPad portfolio. These magazines can be read on the visitors’ mobile devices for free.

— Where can I setup PressPad Lounge?

It can be set up anywhere (both inside a building and outside) in any part of the world.

— Why should I use PressPad Lounge?

The main purpose of this product is location marketing/venue marketing. Basically, this is our answer to the question of how to keep people engaged at a specific location at particular moments (when waiting for a meal or a connection flight, etc.)

— What are the technical requirements?

No technical requirements have to be met to install PressPad Lounge. We integrate our magazine apps with the Estimote iBeacons and all that is necessary is the placement of a small wireless device in the center of your reading zone.

— What is an iBeacon?

iBeacon is a very small device with its own power source, emitting Bluetooth Low Energy signal. When using such emitter (iBeacon), we are able to shape a space within which people are allowed to read our magazines for free.

— How can I get iBeacon?

We deliver it along with its installation manual.

— What is my responsibility?

Venues are responsible only for notifying their guests of PressPad Lounge (for example, in a menu, a pamphlet, a roll-up banner, etc.)

— How can I get a website with my magazines?

We’ll prepare it for you.

— How does it work for our visitors?

  • Using their own mobile devices, they visit your Lounge’s website (by entering a link or scanning QR code).
  • They select the magazine app and install it on their device through AppStore or Google Play.
  • In the magazine app a small “planet” button is visible in the upper right corner of the display.
  • When the “planet” button is pressed, the user follows further instructions that are displayed.

— What mobile platforms do you support?

We support iOS and the latest Android systems.

— I am interested. How much does it cost?

For further detail please contact us.