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One of the most effective ways of promoting your business, whatever it would be, is through the word of mouth. Emotions, that’s what fuel this type of promotional engine, and the best way to utilize it is through the contests run on facebook. You are just few taps away to learn all about running a facebook contest to promote your magazine app for free.

Facebook provides its viral mechanics of reaching deep into the social network. Comments generate much more awareness than simple likes, and if they are placed by our facebook friends… well we feel engaged.

There are several factors that stimulate and maintain engagement during social media promotions like that. One of them is tendency to avoid social rejection. When the mass of the participants becomes critical then we can see the viral effect of spreading popularity of the contest, and the brand that stays behind it.

Tip: “3 people is a crowd”. If you do not know this saying take a look how it works:

Promocode a Key to Success

…actually it is a properly chosen prize that resonates with targeted audience. To start a contest you will need a facebook contest app to automate this process and the prizes to deliver value that will attract proper people. Since you are a magazine publisher you should offer access to your magazine for free.

This is because you value yourself offering your product as a prize and this communicate a bold message. What’s more you will attract only these people who are genuinely interested in your magazine’s content.

If you are a PressPad publisher and have your magazine app published on the App Store and/or Google Play you may offer any issue of your magazine as a prize. You will be able to offer a free access to your magazine to any of the winners.

Did you know that through a promo code you can give an access to your magazine app to bloggers, journalists or any other people who need access your premium content within the magazine app.

If you publish on Pro account then promocodes are free otherwise you have to contact with us in order to acquire a bunch of promo codes for your promotional needs.

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A Free Facebook Contest App

What you should remember is that since August 27, 2013, you can run a facebook contest on your Timeline without using a third part application. But it is way more efficient and fun to automate the whole process utilizing well design facebook app. Here comes folks from Agora Pulse who provide such an application for free. It is over here and it works like described on below video.

Run one of the three type of contest:

  • Sweepstakes – Randomly pick winners amongst the fans who have liked and/or commented on a post.
  • Quiz – Ask your fans a question then pick your winners amongst the comments with correct answers.
  • Photo contest – Ask your fans to comment with photos then pick your winners amongst the comments with the most likes.


Benefits are obvious. Cost Effective way of promotion among targeted audience. Repetitively model of running further future contests.

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