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It is time for the location based marketing to synergy with digital publishing. Adding value to the particular venue is the main goal and PressPad lounge can be the key to achieve it. In this article you will see how Radisson Blu hotel implemented “PressPad Lounge”, a new digital press corner that utilizes iBeacon technology.

Growing number of Internet of things applications proves that IOT took off, and it has potential to shape venue marketing. Venue owners can provide higher value to their visitors and clients in a previously unexplored area. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a shopping mall, restaurant or a booth, PressPad Lounge enables a slick marriage of digital publishing with location marketing.

The idea of PressPad Lounge is to allow a business to turn a space into a reading zone, where those with mobile devices are able to access digital publications for free. All this utilizing their own mobile devices.

The test case involves a Radisson Blu hotel located in Krakow,
Poland, EU.

Beacon supplier: Estimote

Radisson Blu

Radisson Hotels is an international hotel company with more than 420 locations in 73 countries including 6 in Poland. The first Radisson Hotel was built in 1909 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. Radisson Blu is the brand name for Radisson hotels outside the United States, including those in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Problem

The hotel lobby and restaurant area face intense people flow and become waiting areas during check-in of large groups of visitors. This is the case especially in popular tourism cities like Krakow. During this period, visitors may get bored waiting and no one likes traffic, so the hotel was looking for a solution to maintain satisfactory customer experience during the waiting period.

The Solution

Reading is one of the greatest pastimes ever, building knowledge and relaxing people. However, providing magazines in waiting areas and restaurants for large groups of people is challenging. It requires:

  • additional space
  • magazines get damaged and it doesn’t give a tidy image of the venue

Radisson Blu therefore decided to create a virtual reading zone thanks to am iBeacons technology with a selection of digital magazines provided by PressPad Lounge.

Venue Marketing, PressPad Lounge at Radisson Blu

PressPad Lounge

PressPad Lounge is a digital press corner. People located within the range of PressPad Lounge are able to read digital magazines on their mobile devices, for free.

This free reading zone is created utilizing iBeacons technology, a space within range of a Bluetooth Low Energy emitter. This space provides an area where people can read magazines for free on their iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.

PressPad Lounge Installation

Radisson Blu decided to use PressPad Lounge to provide the digital magazines for their visitors. Installation took 15 minutes and consisted of:

    • Attaching the emitter (provided by PressPad) to the ceiling above the bar
    • Uploading a digital poster (provided by PressPad) onto internal LCD displays

Menu at Radisson wih PressPad lounge qrcode
The restaurant management also decided to enrich the restaurant menu with information about free reading and include a QR code linked to the landing page (provided by PressPad).


“Dating back to its beginnings, Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow has been a leader in the implementation of new technologies and corporate social responsibility. Working with PressPad on the implementation of PressPad Lounge has allowed us to create a new value for our patrons, who easily gain free access to international press and magazines, using an app and our broadband Internet. An additional benefit is the eco aspect – we don’t have to order or print hard copies of magazines, and our guests can still enjoy access to their favorite publications.”

— Magdalena Młynarczyk, Sales and Marketing Director, Radisson Blu Hotel Kraków.

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