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PressPad is evolving and several awesome improvements are on their way to our product and your magazine app as well.

Here I am going to uncover the details of the latest improvements coming soon, and how you can benefit from them.

We see PressPad as going where Adobe is too corporate and other competitors are too complicated. This is why we focus on the ease of use and work every day to make PressPad experience as seamless as possible. That said, PressPad is continuously evolving, and following our test-driven philosophy, we always test several ideas which will help not only us but our publishers grow and sell even more.

New Panel

We will be switching to the new version of our product soon, so you can see the difference within hours.

  • “Sales” is a new insights tab in your panel. A new tool we give you to have control over your business decisions. You will be able to track sales of your publication in time, and test what marketing tactics work best for you (and split between Android and iOS is available).
  • “Reports” tab contains new monthly reports for your app provided by App Annie – the industry leader in app store analytics and market intelligence for the global app economy.
  • New look. You are going to see the difference immediately because the graphic user interface has been redesigned to serve you even better. And it is totally user-friendly.
  • Multi-upload. If you have a large collection of back issues, upload them with only one click. There are several publishers who monetize on their large base of back issues, join them with one-click upload.
  • Editable cover. You will be able to upload your own cover to substitute original PDF cover with a chosen .jpg graphic file.

And there are a dozen of other small things which make publisher’s life easier like drag and drop support, larger icons, a responsive design of the redesigned panel and more.

New Mobile App

Yes. We will give you a new app, so your digital magazine or comic book will look fantastic like that on Apple iOS7. This makes reading publications even more pleasant. There is also a social media integration so that your readers are able to share the cover of your publication with their friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter, which for sure will increase your sales in the long term. This opens a totally new promotion opportunities for your digital publishing business. New magazine app will be gradually replacing currently available. Once we replace your magazine app, you will receive an email notification from our support team.

Upgraded Cloud Infrastructure

We have already moved PressPad into an extremely efficient and scalable cloud infrastructure delivered by the Amazon Web Service. Now, even if you have tens of thousands of readers, they will be able to download your issues smoothly and have a superb reading experience.

We would love to hear from you about your PressPad experience. Drop us a line at @presspadapp or directly to me at wojtek@presspadapp.com