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Over a year ago, PressPad introduced a risk-free offer for publishers who wanted to have their magazines published on the App Store and Google Play for free. Free apps plans are not available anymore but new risk-free pricing offer has the best and most affordable terms to help small, and medium-sized publishers launch a magazine apps and make money on mobile devices.

We’ve connected almost half a thousand publishers with mobile customers who installed their apps nearly 1M times. With the introduction of brand new PressPad Pro accounts, we wish to influence the digital publishing landscape once again.

What does having a PressPad Pro account entail

We recognize that an outstanding reading experience (user experience) is as important for magazines as their actual content, and the brand it influences. With PressPad Pro accounts, professional digital publishers get the opportunity to customize their magazine apps and bring new functionalities that are sure to create a fantastic user experience and adjust to the published content automatically.

There are three types of PressPad accounts:

  • Start
  • Pro
  • Custom Pro

Rich Media Support

All Pro accounts (please refer to the features page) will feature an in-app, rich-media-support. It means that readers will be able to experience rich media from the inside of the magazine without being redirected to external sites.


PressPad can be totally invisible for your readers. On Custom Professional accounts, publishers will receive apps that are free of our brand name. Additionally, this account disables our weekly push notifications (upon request).

Custom developer account

For digital publishers who prefer deeper integration, we provide the option to connect the PressPad dashboard with their own developer accounts. That is a fantastic, complementary functionality to White-Label option.

Custom Themes

Publishers who are obsessed with their brands will be able to use their own color schemes for their app. The standard app keeps our brand’s color scheme. We understand that for some brands, like Red Bull or GoPro, that would be unacceptable. For the professional publishers who consider brand recognition as the utmost priority, PressPad makes it easy to have their color schemes customized on Custom, pro accounts.

Even More

There are much more functionalities professional publishers receive with the new PressPad Pro accounts, including less limits for push notifications, innovative iOS8-readiness, lightweight apps etc. All goodies have been gathered on one site for your convenience.

Start Right Now Risk Free


What if I am a current PressPad customer?

If you are a current PressPad publisher who signed up before October 10, your account will be automatically upgraded to support rich media, for life!

How can I upgrade to PressPad Pro?

If you are our publisher (and signed up after October 10) contact us

Is it possible to get free apps yet?

No, it is not. Free plans are not available anymore but our