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Every week there is an analytics day for me in PressPad. I take time to understand Internet traffic generated by our content. To do this, various tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics are used. In this article I will provide a list of the ten most popular articles published on our blog — based on unique users and average time spent on it — for your convenience.

How to Use Our Professional, Free Magazine Templates

inDesign templates

If you’re thinking about changing the looks of your digital magazine or you are simply looking for a professional layout as an inspiration – this is something for you. All magazine templates with the covers have been prepared by our designers. We offer you all the beautiful templates with the covers for free, and what more – you can use them for commercial purposes. Read further »

How To Publish Comic Book Online

Digital Comic

Are a comic strip author? Consider reaching millions of Android and iOS based mobile device users. You, simply can not lose on publishing your works on the iPad and Samsung tablets — especially when PressPad does it for you for free. If you’re wondering how to reach app stores (both Apple’s and Google’s) with your digital comic, this article will give you some guidelines on what to focus your attention on while exporting a PDF file with your comic. Read further »

Digital Publishing is The Most Promising Content Marketing Tactic for 2014

2014 has come almost to an end (almost -) but this article still gives a bunch of valid data, because digital publishing on mobile devices has all it takes to dominate the content marketing. Digital publishing on mobile platforms combines three of the most efficient content marketing tactics you can read about. Read more »

The Best TED Talks On Publishing You Should See For Inspiration

Publishing TED Talks

TED stands for Technology, Education and Design, however the overall spectrum of topics is much broader, also covering the publishing. And TED itself is an inspiring conference bringing together all the brilliant minds from all over the world. Now you can watch videos of five brilliant talks from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy! Read further »

6 Golden Rules To Design Successful Digital Magazine

On App Store and Google Play your app is your brand. Read this article to find out how to prepare a good looking design if you are about to publish your digital magazine on mobile devices. This is all about designing superb reading experience. Read further »

How a Digital Magazine Can Overcome the Seeming Obstacles of a PDF Format

We use the PDF format as a medium for bringing your magazine to mobile users’ hands, and it is all packed into a native mobile app. In this article you will learn an easy design method to achieve the finest reading experience right for your magazine’s PDF. Read further »

How Does the System of Tiers Work in Apple?

Do you know that Apple uses its own pricing matrix for the App Store? The reason for that is very simple. Apple charges from 30 to 40 per cent of a commission from each purchase of an app. The publishers have the right to settle the price for their digital publication by choosing the right tier. Read further »

iPhone 6 and New Apple iOS8 – Should Digital Publishers Bother?

iOS8 PressPad

You probably do not know Simon Fortuna. Simon (@fortunajs) is the PressPad’s lead iOS developer and he gives a glimpse at what to expect from introduction of iOS 8 and what does it mean for the digital publishers. Read further »

The Best Videos on Digital Publishing You Should See Despite Your Experience

It does not matter how advanced digital publisher you are. You will have a chance to see fantastic videos that bring knowledge and inspiration for magazine publishers at all levels of experience. I am sure that you will benefit from watching all four videos available through this article. Read further »

How to Create a Digital Magazine Without Specialized Publishing Software

magazine app

Have you ever wondered how to publish your own digital magazine in App Store and Google Play in order to widen your target range by mobile users? By reading this article you will learn exactly what what to do to launch your own flip page — digital magazine — mobile app. Read further »

And how about you — what are your favorite articles that touch on digital publishing and mobile marketing topics? Go ahead and share links to them in the comments below.