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Interview with Jim Koury of Diversity Rules Magazine.

PressPad gathers publishers from all walks of life. The most crowded segments are dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and LGBT and Diversity Rules Magazine is one among them. It is a niche magazine focusing on the queer community and its allies.

Jim, when have you started journey with your magazine?

Jim Koury: I began Diversity Rules Magazine as a bi-monthly free distribution model publication in 2006. When the economy faltered I stopped publishing it for about a year and then came back with a digital version via a flip book format and did that for about 2 years. In March 2013 I returned to print with a monthly subscription only publication. I joined the Press Pad family and now have a presence in the App world in both the iTunes and Android stores.

Why digital publishing?

Despite the trend toward a more digital world there are those who like to hold their magazines and books in their hands, myself included. So I cater to both worlds by having a print edition as well as the digital version.

The world is changing and people like to have their publications and other documents available to them electronically. The digital world offers many new opportunities for magazine publishers to broaden their influence and ability to disseminate their message better.

How do you promote your digital magazine?

Jim Koury: I use the power of social networking the most to promote Diversity Rules Magazine. I have limited funds and can not do a lot of paid advertising yet, so this mode seems to be very effective in getting the word out about Diversity Rules Magazine. I am always looking at other ways to promote the magazine and will try “out of the box” options as well. Promotion is all about making an impact and I try my best to do that.

acebook and Google Plus seem to work best for me. I also get a lot of exposure through Twitter. I am on most all of the social networks though.

Tip #1: You never know who will see what you have to offer so I try to expand Diversity Rules Magazine to as many outlets as I can. I use the push notifications via Press Pad.

Tip #2: I also use social media to announce the release of a new issue and to promote individual articles of interest that appear each month.

How about future, do you have any mid term goals you would like to reach with your magazine?

I am always seeking subscription and advertising support, as well as those folks who may not want to subscribe or advertise but wish to be benefactors and contribute monetarily to the cause. My first and foremost objective it so get financially solvent and have the magazine pay for itself and actually make some money.


Diversity Rules Magazine promotes not only whole title but also individual editions and articles that may be of the wider interest. That is how they reach to wider audience that may be interested in particular subjects.

Jim KouryJim Koury is the Editor/Publisher and founder of Diversity Rules Magazine, an alternative focus publication serving the queer community and its allies