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I’m pleased to announce that PressPad is beginning the Android platform support, thanks to which your publications will now have the potential to reach millions of smartphone and tablet users based on this platform worldwide.

To emphasize the launch of Android support, we’ve also prepared an interesting offer but we’ll get back to that later on in the article.

At PressPad, we focus on letting our technological solutions help especially small and medium publishers who want to make it big on mobile devices, as well as authors directly, who can start building up income from their creative work thanks to us, without the need to focus on technological matters. The aim is to free authors and publishers from having to think about technology at all, and just leave that to us.

Over 200 New Publishers register every week

Each week, over 200 new publishers register in our system, who publish diverse content, from fashion magazines, through magazines dedicated to sexual minorities, to niche professional periodicals and comics, and we’re being asked about Android support on a daily basis.

On October 31st, PressPad will officially launch support for the Android platform

Initially, it’ll be a beta version. Until the end of this week, we’re collecting preorders for a discount offer lasting until midnight, October 25th, 2013.

If you’re either not our publisher yet, or you want to launch another title, you’ll get the lifetime free Android app if you order the Apple app before October 25th, 2013.

We want to make this launch big. That’s why we have a special introductory offer that’s valid only until the end of this week. Here’s the deal:

  • Sign up for the iOS magazine app before October 25th (it’s free, read here).
  • We will throw in a free Android app – I mean free for LIFE.
  • No small print. No catch. It’s that simple.

The Early Birds promotion lasts until Friday midnight, October 25th 2013. The magazine app is free with PressPad for paid issues after this date. In exchange, we will keep the first USD 199 (for one app: either iOS or Android) or USD 299 (for two apps: both iOS and Android) your magazine or comic earns each month.

All income above 199/299 USD is transferred to you. If you have a bad month and earn less, we will NOT require you to supplement the remaining amount.

See you in the Google Play Store.