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We have released PressPad growth hacking feature called “Growth Tips”. The goal is clear: to help publishers sell more subscriptions and make magazine apps even more discoverable.

We offer our magazine apps for free, and this innovative business approach is fueling the direction in which PressPad is going – from digital publishing software to marketing mobile-publishing platform securing content distribution and monetization, the two key aspects of successful digital publishing.

Edit [April 20th, 2016]: We have stopped offering free pricing plans (free apps) since 2015. PressPad still offer digital publishing service affordable for publishers like you.

Learn about “Growth Tips” and the idea behind this feature.

What is “Growth Tips”?

It is a smart to-do list with step-by-step advice to help publishers market their mobile apps.

Why do publishers need “Growth Tips”?

Publishers using PressPad do not necessarily have to know marketing inside out or to be tech-savvy. We advise how they can maximize their app downloads and subscription sales.

When do new “Growth Tips” arrive?

Basically, there will be a new bunch of tips published every few days. So if you are one of our publishers, it is recommendable for you to check your dashboard every week in order to take appropriate actions.

Where can I find my “Growth Tips”?

Every time a new tip arrives, the publisher will see the notification at the top bar of his/her PressPad account. After clicking at the notification, the publisher is taken to the list of Tips where he/she can see the details of the action to be taken. Usually it is a short note describing step by step what to do (including links, pictures and soon to come video tutorials).

What do “Growth Tips” look like?

The subject of a tip is a simple and clear call to action, while the main body is a much more detailed step-by-step description, which can contain links, pictures and even video tutorials.

Send push notification every Saturday to increase sales

Our analysis shows that sending push notification during the weekend can increase sales even by 300%. This is because:

  • People often forget about apps they downloaded during the week. Remind them about your app.
  • People engage more with their mobile devices on weekends.
  • The best time to send push notification is between 9:00pm – 1:00am.

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It’s just the beginning

This is the first step taken by PressPad in which we prepare tips manually because they are good for everyone and every publisher can leverage on them. We want publishers to take actions so the system becomes smarter with every action taken.

In the second step, PressPad will be recognizing personalized patterns. This means that a particular publisher will be told what to do based on his/her achievements correlated to past actions he/she has taken.

The real value of knowledge lays in the proper usage and good timing, and PressPad is here to help.