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These are the three pillars of PressPad software as a service solution


Ease of use is very important for busy publishers. We want you to spent your time effectively with us. That's why our control panel is design towards this principle.


We put lots of effor to stay in a great communication with our publishers. Our online support and help desk is as important to us as our products.

Risk free

We follow the fair trade policy. No upfront payments. No long-term commitments. So, contract termination is possible anytime you need.

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We have been continuously delivering magazine apps since 2011.

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PressPad was established in 2011...

...just a few months after the inauguration of the revolutionary iPad by Steve Jobs during his unforgettable presentation on Apple Special Event in San Francisco. The demand for so-called "digital publishing technology" exploded in the following year and PressPad was originally built as the answer for that demand. At that time of rapidly expanding digital publishing market, nobody really knew how it is going to look like. But everyone knew it will change the future and the way people consume media.

Year 2022

The war time. Here is our stance.

Year 2021

We celebrate PressPad's 10th birthday this year. This is a marketing year. We are working on releasing several marketing tools for publishers and continuously improve our digital publishing platform. Stay tuned, folks!

Year 2020

We started this year with product updates that included a better paywall and the search function in News apps. Also, we are rolling out the new class of magazine apps on Android — this is a completely new, written from the scratch app for PDF publishers. The back-end side also got refreshed along with the refreshed GUI. There are still some new features ahead of us waiting for releasing this year. It was the COVID19 year.

Year 2019

We wanted to improve the paid digital distribution of magazines and books because it is still an issue. Early this year we have released a new product "PressPad Store" for PDF publishers to give them freedom of selling online access to their digital magazines or books. Paralely we're improving our news apps solution PressPad News adding beautiful new skins and improving control panel.

Year 2018

A major update of PressPad News platform has been introduced including improved content analytics, Google Analytics integration and Mobile Ads support. First test integrations of our e-commerce tool for publishers are taking place at this moment. This is an exciting year of new products releases.

Year 2017

PressPad News is released, supporting WordPress publishers at the Apple Store. Soon after, we add Android devices integration, including Amazon Kindle Fire. We also start working on a new product, to be released in 2018.

Year 2016

With the growing position of the online-only publishers, we work on a new product called PressPad News, to give them a new marketing tool together with the best mobile reading experience for their readers. We also grow PressPad Lounge with new integrations in Japan and Singapore, including Inter BEE Fairs in Tokyo.

Year 2015

Based on the successful iBeacon tests with Raddison BLU, PressPad releases a new product for venues called PressPad Lounge. We introduce new marketing tools for our clients including Facebook Newsstand, App Store Optimization and WebStore, to help them promote their mobile applications. With that, we switch back to the subscription based pricing, replacing revenue share plans. At the same time, PressPad in Japan works hard with JTB Printec to craft the best digital publishing corporate offer.

Year 2014

Product development continues as we implement new features such as video & audio support, with the integration with Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Looking forward to expand to other markets, we start to offer our services in Asia, with a strategic partnership with the D&A Corporation who operates PressPad in Japan. We also release an experimental iBeacon integration, to create the first ever Free Reading Zone with cooperation between PressPad, Estimote and Radisson BLU hotel.

Year 2013

In order to accelerate our growth, we start to partner up with magazine publishers based on the risk-free, revenue share model. It becomes a huge success, with more than 100 new publishers on board until the end of the year. We also start to support Android devices with the Google Play applications and release an upgraded version of PressPad Magz.

Year 2012

With the prototype ready and investor on board, PressPad starts to reach out to dozens of publishers, looking for ways to help them with the ongoing mobile devices revolution. After getting their feedback, we release the first version of PressPad Magz, a quick way to get your magazine to the Apple Store. We also start to support PDF files, bringing a beautiful experience of the 1-to-1 digital replica on mobile devices. Soon after we make a mobile application for one of the biggest satellite package operators in Europe, Cyfrowy Polsat.

Year 2011

PressPad releases a prototype version of the digital publishing platform based on HTML5. We run a seed funding round, and welcome on board Innovation Nest – one of the greatest early stage B2B technology VC in Europe.


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