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Get your digital magazine in front of millions of App Store users.

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Make People Read Your Magazine

Engage iPad and iPhone users with Your magazine app everywhere, anytime.

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Main Features

Control everything from your PressPad web panel.
Use push notifications marketing and sell digital subscriptions.

Web dashboard

Controll your app, sales and content from an easy to use control panel.

PDF Support

Utilize exisitng PDF files to monetize on Apple App Store.

Internal links

Create interactive content that responds when tapped.

Free samples

Give your readers a test drive before they buy full edition.

Subscription sales

Build your revenue through periodical subscriptions.

Instant publishing

Upload your PDF now and have it ready to read on mobile within a minute.

Push Notifications

Connect with your readers by reaching them with text message.

Web Store

Sell digital editions using PayPal transactions right on your website.

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