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Digital marketing guide

Do you have a blog? If the answer is – yes – then you are aware of the power of content marketing.

Blogging is the way how people learn about your brand. After reading this (not so long) ebook you’ll be at least one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to digital marketing and unveiling the secret power of your blog for the mobile users.

Grab this free ebook to learn digital marketing for the mobile users. You will learn:

  1. How to communicate with mobile users.
  2. How to repurpose your WordPress blog into the mobile app.
  3. What makes people installing mobile apps.
  4. How to promote mobile apps almost for free using your existing resources.

About PressPad

PressPad was established in 2011, just a few months after the inauguration of the revolutionary iPad by Steve Jobs during his unforgettable presentation on Apple Special Event in San Francisco.

iPad changed the way people perceived magazines publishing, and PressPad joined that revolution right away.

Our digital publishing platform for publishers is the answer for the rapidly growing mobile consumers segment and demand for easy-to-use digital publishing products.

We built PressPad as a software as a service solution with simplicity in mind delivering native mobile magazine apps, news apps, and digital newsstands for publishers base on a PDF format. Our customers are located mainly in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. However, our apps support publishers scattered all around the world.


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