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We have collected the most useful tips and case studies of successful magazines to create an email course for you.

Who wouldn't want to grow their publishing business? We have selected practical tips, gained over seven years of our experience, and now you can get them all into your inbox for free.

With our Digital Publishing Course you will get access to the following knowledge:

  1. find out little-known facts that will make you a better publisher,
  2. read the study about one of the most effective ways to drive new installs of the magazine app,
  3. see how Vogue combines print and digital issues to increase the subscriptions sales,
  4. learn how to create a stunning web magazine experience,
  5. know a lot more great tips which will improve your publishing experience.
  6. Do not wait. Join the course. It's free knowledge from PressPad's experts.

About PressPad

PressPad was established in 2011, just a few months after the inauguration of the revolutionary iPad by Steve Jobs during his unforgettable presentation on Apple Special Event in San Francisco.

iPad changed the way people perceived magazines publishing, and PressPad joined that revolution right away.

Our digital publishing platform for publishers is the answer for the rapidly growing mobile consumers segment and demand for easy-to-use digital publishing products.

We built PressPad as a software as a service solution with simplicity in mind delivering native mobile magazine apps, news apps, and digital newsstands for publishers base on a PDF format. Our customers are located mainly in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. However, our apps support publishers scattered all around the world.

PressPad is a software as a service platform that is built around the publishers' needs. We speak human voice and understand that magazine apps or digital kiosks are must-have assets to win readers. Yet many magazine publishers need education in digital marketing and digital publishing. PressPad offers that level of commitment to help magazine publishers build necessary skills. So, we create magazine publishing apps and educate about digital magazine publishing.

PressPad is not another digital publishing platform because we closely work with publishers. Our one-on-one approach is well known and appreciated by many publishers. Especially those magazine publishers that are looking for a friendly digital publishing platform.

PressPad’s specialists become publishers’ advisors, trying to understand the publisher's unique needs. Thanks to that approach we can assess the marketing and sales processes of the publishers. That assessment makes us in power to adjust and optimize publishers' promotional processes. As an outcome, our publishers can earn more using the apps and marketing knowledge we share.

Every digital magazine is different and has a unique business environment. Publishers can read about successful magazine sales tips to build their skills too. Also, they can learn how to create an iPad magazine, and how to convert a magazine into a digital app available on the most popular mobile platforms.

Even skeptics who doubt bringing print magazines online admit that converting a print magazine to a mobile app is easy to do with PressPad.

We believe in PressPad, that even most niche publications can find their space and succeed online as digital magazines or mobile apps. Here is a case study to prove our stance.

Digital magazine publishing can be easy with PressPad. Try PressPad today. It costs you only time and a little bit of courage (smile).


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