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Create Stunning Magazine Covers Using Google Docs

In this episode of Digital Publishing Webinars we take a look at magazine templates, and especially at a way to create your cover using Google Docs and resources we provide for free.

Digital Distribution Channels Guide

Digital Distribution Channels - Free Ebook

This is the beginners guide to content marketing of everything digital. One of the crucial activity of every digital publisher is to create, grow and maintain their own digital distribution channels that will secure online sales. In this book you will learn how to do it.

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App Marketing Guide

App Marketing Guide - Free Ebook

Selling digital goods can be tricky because it’s hard to apply sales patterns from the physical world to mobile. In this guide you will learn how to boost downloads of your mobile app yourself, and how to increase sales of your digital magazine.

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Additional source of revenue

5 Steps Ont an Additional Revenue Source - Free Ebook

Thanks to PressPad you can offer your clients mobile magazine apps containing various type of PDF content: magazines, journals, comics, corporate leaflets etc. You will get a free guide to PressPad Partnership, and learn how to get paid for being a reseller.

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Digital Publishing Guide

Digital Publishing Guide - Free Magazine

Whether you already publish on tablets or you are looking for resources – you come to the right place. Download this free Digital Publishing Guide magazine and start making money on App Store.

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