All the features you need to build your
brand awareness on mobile

Activate Google mobile ads channel. Increase readership and retention. Distribute your web magazine content in a mobile adjusted form.



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Connect Google Analytics

Increase traffic

Make Google Analytics count your mobile app readers behavior as a web magazine visit.

Use mobile ads

Serve mobile ads

Enable a native mobile ads channel for your web magazine. We support Google Ads platform including video ads and display ads.

catch better leads with PressPad News

Catch better leads

Convert non-subscribers. Installation of your app is their commitment to you without sharing an email.

increase retention with PressPad News

Increase retention

Engage readers like a pro. Send Push notifications whenever you need to grab people’s attention.

catch better leads with PressPad News

Increase conversion

Welcome new users with a customized message in the app. Display promotional, app-dedicated and clickable content, ads or whatever you want in a foldable area.

increase retention with PressPad News

Increase distribution reach.

Attract App Store users with your blog app. There are hundreds of millions App Store users. Your mobile app is the only way to become visible to them.

All The Features Available To Your Readers

  • Comfortable reading on mobile
  • Auto notifications about new posts
  • Saving interesting content for later
  • Adjusting contrast and text size
  • Sharing content in social media
  • Offline reading