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Children’s publishing is demanding, and still represented by the fraction of digital publications —children apps — available online.

We’re always happy to put our 2 cents into this fabulous area of digital publishing.

As a father of two I know how hard it might be to learn kids identifying opportunities among the ocean of online threats.

In this case, apps for kids appear to be the great solution for parents to sleep well when kids are on tablets. That’s true not only about magazine apps but all sort of apps of various industries for kids including digital publishing for children.

As a parent on duty you can verify publisher’s credibility and content delivered through the app. Whether it’s a game or a magazine app, it’s more reasonable for parents to hand over a verified children apps than the browser to their kids.

Saying this, I am always happy seeing new publishers entering the children’s publishing world via PressPad. The Child City is one of such a publication with an interesting story and noble mission behind. It is an interesting counterbalance for games in the children apps world. The Child City Magazine app is available on App Store here and Google Play there.

Let’s get to know more about The Child City magazine and their publisher through this interview.

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Hi my name is Fredric Cruz and I am editor in chief or The Child City magazine for children.

The Child City creates and curates content for kids in the age group of 6-12 years. Stories and articles through which we could stimulate kid’s imagination, develop literacy skills, build the early reading habit and fill the child’s mind with knowledge. Children can enjoy a wonderful world of learning and exploration.

The Child City had been organizing and managing camps, play-groups and activity centers for children from September 2014. The formal digital publication started in September 2016.

Why you have decided to run a digital magazine for kids — aren’t there enough children apps?

Though there is a plethora of content on the web there isn’t much for the children. Most of the times the kids aren’t even updated on the day to day developments – technology, politics, new discoveries. Fables are good but there is also need for the contemporary stories. And the internet can sometimes lead them to content that’s not relevant or appropriate for them.

The media is full of content suited for adults, and children are left with limited options or are forced to consume the available content which is not suitable for them. Hence we decided to bring in The Child City not just as a magazine for kids but as a window to garner knowledge, explore and get inspired.

Sounds very ambitious. Do you have also print version of your magazine?

No we don’t have the print version of our magazine. But yes we have the print version of Curious Club story series and activity books.

Join curious club – Meg, Ali, Yogi and Choco, in their expeditions and discover the joy of exploration, creation and new learnings.

In the first edition they all meet for the first time and come together as a team to complete an unique project.

The Child City iPad Magazine app

How do you promote your digital magazine?

Our website and social media channels i.e facebook, twitter and instagram play a key role in not only promoting our magazine and books but also connect with parents. Parents whom we refer as “Former Kids” do contribute, share their feedback and also spread the word in their network.

We look at The Child City as a co-creation platform where other former kids also contribute to making a unique and ideal Child City.

Is there any other business model behind your magazine app for children?

Currently we are focusing on our magazine and books be it the app, print or e-edition. We also have a web store for print and e-books. Very soon will be launching audio version for magazine especially for the visually impaired kids so that they could also enjoy, explore and get inspired.

We are looking for associations with corporates, brands, NGOs and schools to enable customized content for them but with ethos and vision of The Child City.

Which social network works best for your magazine promotion?

Currently facebook helps to connect with parents and twitter primarily enables networking with peers and partners in publication, writers and content developers

So how do you keep in touch with your readers?

As mentioned earlier our facebook, twitter, email, and WhatsApp are the channels to connect with parents and young readers. And to boost this connection we also run “Fairy Godmother” and “CCIA” (Child City In Action) programmes.

Curious minds are bound to have questions and Fairy Godmother is that secret angel that keeps secrets and answer their query.

Where as CCIA is our UGC channel for kids to contribute, share the developments in school, neighborhood; write/publish their own stories, poems or be our young reporter. CCIA will be a great platform for the kids to voice their opinion, present their dreams, perspective and will play a key role in creating true “Child City”

How about future, do you have any mid-term goals you would like to reach with your magazine?

Immediate goal is to reach out to as many kids as possible across the globe. Hence we have kept the price of The Child City magazines at the minimum level so that cost should not be a deterrent even for the economically challenged parents to subscribe and gift their children a future with books.

Mid term is to include all the possible media; be it video, audio, print, sitcom, and novels to push the content out and make The Child City, and Curious Club synonym to “Nurturing Childhood”.

Long term vision is to reform education models.

Wow, that’s a very bold statement.

Yes it is. Childhood is very important. Most of the schooling content and models are traditional. Kids also need exposure to varied form of education through books, art, sports, music, travel etc. to make theory concepts relatable, inspiring them to explore and choose their field of interest at an early age.

The intent of “The Child City” is to make this self-exploration possible by enticing their curious minds through varied content and information.

Childhood is precious let’s nurture it.

Frederic CruzFredric Cruz is a full time advertising executive, husband to a wonderful wife and a doting father to two adorable daughters. Curiosity & inquisitiveness highlights his approach to life and work. The Child City & Curious Club is inspired by children and their hunger to know more. Through his stories and digimag he wishes to instill and encourage kids to be curious and an explorer.