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PressPad News, a WordPress to mobile app platform is a mobile marketing tool for bloggers, online magazines, and ebook authors.

We called it PressPad News because after connecting with your WordPress blog or a web magazine, the app brings the latest content from your site right to your reader’s iPhone or iPad.

PressPad News allows bloggers to increase their mobile readership and retention by creating a branded mobile app for their website.

From WordPress to mobile app

The application will not only provide a great user experience and notify readers about every new post but also it opens a new communication channel between blogger and the readers.

The service does not require any technical or programming skills from bloggers. PressPad takes care of app development and handles app review and publishing process in the name of the blogger, for whom the whole procedure of getting own News app is frictionless.

We publish mobile apps on App Store since 2011 and we know how to work with Apple efficiently.

Beyond desktop readership

Smartphones took over the world’s internet traffic. Based on Cisco “from a traffic perspective, smartphones and phablets will continue to dominate mobile traffic“. At the same time, WordPress users produce over 65 million new posts each month.

Mobile traffic growth by Cisco

Image Source: www.cisco.com

In this environment bloggers face retention problem on mobile devices. On average 50% of blog visitors never return. Those who do, sometimes miss the latest blog posts and important information because they do not subscribe to the blog’s newsletter.

PressPad address this issue with our WordPress to mobile app platform. The app automatically sends notifications about new content helping bloggers build attention around their new content.

Content Monetization

Another pain point on today’s blogging landscape is content monetization. PressPad News allows bloggers to set up dedicated static ad as well as native ads within blog posts. What’s important is that after taping on the ad, the advertiser’s website will open inside the app instead of taking user outside of the blog, as would happen using a standard web browser.

Accessibility matters

Our News apps for WordPress powered websites support WordPress API integration, offline reading, sending push notifications, analytics and more features you can read about on this page. What’s more PressPad News supports Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire.

Here are few words from Michael, our CEO:


CEO PressPad

Hi there,
Thanks for being interested in our latest digital publishing product.

Currently, we’re working on integrations with other web publishing platforms and RSS feed support. Another milestone on our roadmap for PressPad News is launching Android support on the beginning of 2017.

PressPad News app will not replace blogs themselves (technically it could) but it’s a rather exclusive bonus for readers and useful tool for bloggers to increase mobile readership enabling another distribution channel for existing content.

We believe that this type of digital publishing tool can also improve internal communication in large organizations, but this is another story.

You can learn what PressPad News is all about on our product page. Let us know what do you think about the app of this kind, and what features would you like to see in upcoming updates.

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