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Your Nails Magazine is all about nails and what involves to be or to become a nail technician. This is strictly trade magazine for professionals in the nail industry founded by Karolina Boczek.

In this article you will also read how digital magazine promotes itself, and what mediums are being used to reach out target readers.

Why have you decided to run digital mlagazine?


I have worked as a nail technician for 5 years, mostly from home and I was getting magazines from other countries. But I have found them irrelevant to Irish market, so I thought, it would be great if I could run the first ever magazine for nail professionals in Ireland.

I was doing a market research and found out there is a need for this kind of publication, but soon enough it showed that people say they want something, but when it is finally available they start to say – well, I will think about it.

Your Nails Magazine is all about inspiration and providing readers with knowledge necessary to become higher level nail tech. In the magazine we share stories, work, show nail technician’s salons, we teach them and give them advice. We want to connect nail technicians with our publication, because this is all about building a connection between Your Nails and readers.

Seems like this is a very niche magazine?

Yes, I haven’t thought I will survive that long, I received lots of support from local authorities, I received an award for a best Service Business from Limerick City Enterprise Board and this gave me a lot of confidence to keep going.

I have started in March 2012 without any knowledge about publication business. First edition I have started to prepare after having my baby daughter. It was very hard time, but challenging for me. I have started this as a hobby and passion but had to transform this into a real functional full time business. I haven’t imagined how much work goes into this. But looking back, I would have done it again.

Your Nails Magazine

How do you promote your digital magazine?

We promote our magazine through direct contact with nail techs, exhibiting at the beauty shows. We find this the best method. Also there is a website and Facebook page, Twitter account and Pinterest account.

Facebook works the best spreading the word and keeping in touch with our readers. But we like to get in touch with them personally too, so they get to know us better and see that they can get in touch with us whenever they want.

Tip: Social media is very important in promoting but we advertise in beauty magazines as this hits more direct target market.

How about future, do you have any mid term goals you would like to reach with your magazine?

We would like to increase distribution of printed magazines in Ireland and move to UK market.Now we are available also in print with circulation of 7500. But at this stage I think we want to increase of the amount of magazines read, so digital magazines on different devices definitely helps to achieve this.

You said that you do keep in touch with your readers?

Yes, as I said this is the main priority for us. We have all our readers connected to our Facebook page, so we can see who they are and we know their needs. They can send us quick message if they have any problem or they are looking for a new product.

Takeaway: We contact new contributors through Twitter as well, this is a great way to contact people from US, this method is more popular there and quicker in getting response.

Karolina Boczek is Managing Director and Executive Editor at Your Nails Magazine.