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Digital magazine software is a general term describing tools necessary to create and publish your magazine in a digital format. In this article, you will learn how to publish your digital magazine using our software platform.

If you have a PDF ready think about the way it should be distributed online because the digital format of the magazine makes it easy to provide in various forms and using different digital distribution channels.

Think about your digital circulation not through the digital magazine format you use but rather as a function of your audience, and the niche you serve. For example, if your digital magazine is dedicated to the younger audience then our software platform can be used to create a magazine app. This magazine app will become your brand identity on app stores.

However, if your magazine audience is gathered around your website then it’s quite savvy to think about our digital magazine software called PressPad Store that allows you to create easy to install on your page, a kiosk to sell access to your magazine in PDF format.

From the other hand, our magazine apps can be one way of magazine distribution, it is also an effective content marketing tool.

Then how to publish your own digital magazine in App Store to widen your target range by mobile users? In this article, I’m going to describe exactly what you’ll need to launch your own flip page digital magazine app.

In order to prepare your own magazine app, you’re going to need three things:

  • A PressPad account.
  • A PDF file with your magazine, including the cover.
  • An interesting, engaging description of the magazine.

If you don’t publish a print/PDF magazine yet, then you can move on to the next paragraph where you’ll learn step by step where to get magazine design from, how to perfect the description that will appear in App Store and how to receive an affordable magazine app.

If you’re already a magazine publisher, then you actually already have all the elements needed to make it big on App Store and Google Play. You just have to send the PDF file to PressPad and fill in the form with the name and description of your magazine.

Tip: Web magazines and WordPress based blogs can also get their branded “News” app.

Within 5 days, your magazine app should make its way to Google Play, and within two weeks – to Apple App Store (Newsstand). But let’s go over it in more detail.

magazine app design
Two pages from our own Digital Publishing Guide Magazine

Magazine Design

The graphic design conveys the character of the magazine and influences the way it’s received by readers. Design also influences the readability of articles, especially on tablets and smartphones.

If you need a professional magazine design, we have prepared a free package with four inDesign layouts for you. You can modify and extend them or use them ‘as is’, even in commercial designs (including printed ones).

If you don’t have access to digital publishing software that reads the Adobe inDesign file format, you can use the following free desktop publishing software:


Inkscape DTP Software

Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is used by design professionals and hobbyists worldwide, for creating a wide variety of graphics such as illustrations, icons, logos, diagrams, maps and web graphics.


Scribus DTP Software

Underneath a modern and user-friendly interface, Scribus supports professional publishing features, such as color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management, and versatile PDF creation.

Tip: It is good practice to split your magazine into thematic sections between which it’s easy to navigate with internal links, that is links between corresponding pages of your magazine. Your DTP editor lets you link images as well as text!

Export the design to PDF

If you already have the magazine prepared (the recommended size of a single page is 2048 x 1536 px), it’s now time to export it to a PDF file. Try to keep your output PDF files below 50 MB. Of course, your magazine could be as big as even 500 MB but would you like to download a magazine of such size yourself?

In order to save as much space as possible, get rid of all unnecessary additional options which the majority of PDF file generators have turned on by default.

  • Reduce the size of images bigger than 250ppi to 150ppi (ppi is a measurement of pixel density – pixels per inch).
  • Do not flatten text.
  • Remember to embed font files to the PDF being created. It is especially important if you use non-standard fonts in your digital magazine design.
  • Do not embed thumbs / content preview images.
    Keep a 4:3 page ratio.
  • Consider using this free PDF compression tool.

Write an engaging description

Magazine descriptions should be clear and point to the added value which the reader will discover if he buys the subscription.

The first two, three sentences visible on App Store pages are the most important (the rest of the description is collapsed). Below you will find examples of descriptions of popular magazines published through our digital publishing software platform.

Brickjournal - digital magazine app
Brickjournal Magazine App – iTunes Preview

BRICKJOURNAL magazine (edited by Joe Meno) is the ultimate resource for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. It spotlights all aspects of the LEGO® Community, showcasing LEGO events from around the world, tips and tricks from top professional builders, and galleries of one-of-a-kind LEGO models. Each issue offers contributions and how-to (…)

Your Nails Magazine - A digital magazine app - iTunes Preview
Your Nails Magazine App – iTunes Preview

Your Nails Magazine – the best magazine for nail professionals. You can find everything you need to become a top nail technician. From nail art, nail trends, step by steps and technical articles. (…)

Also, a very interesting example of an engaging description is using fragments of published stories or interviews. The description below comes from a comic (yes, we also publish digital comics apps) but this method can also be applied regarding publications of different types.

Fall 1998. A young salesman is returning from a business trip. He will not get home safely, though. One event will change his dreary existence forever.

When the man wakes up in a hospital bed he discovers that his whole life up to that point was merely a façade, and he possesses powers far beyond human comprehension! The hero has to unravel the mystery of his true origin. He can use his superhuman powers for the good of people… or quite the opposite. Which path will he choose?
Explore the adventures of a new superhero! Discover with him the price you have to pay for saving the world!

Tip: In order to write even more readable descriptions, you can use a free tool called Hemingway, which will point out the paragraphs that could be composed in an even better way.

Get your digital magazine app

In order to receive your app:

  • Upload the PDF file with your magazine
  • Wait a moment for the file to be uploaded
  • In the next view, enter the magazine’s name
  • Paste the description you have prepared
  • Set the single-issue and 1-year subscription prices


Tip: Do you know that PressPad helps its publishers promote and sell their magazines and so it’s introduced the Growth Hacking Feature to help publishers sell more editions on tablets

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us. Call +1 888 712-0331 to discuss digital publishing needs for your magazine or start immediately risk free (pay only when your app is ready).